Electric Cars 101: How Long to Charge an Electric Car


In 2018 alone, over 1 million Americans registered new electric cars. Experts predict that this number will significantly increase over the next several years.

If you jump on board with buying a new EV, you’ll need to know how long to charge an electric car.

Keep reading to learn everything you’ll need to know about charging an electric car. Some areas we’ll cover include how often and how long you will need to charge it.

How Long Does It Take To Charge an Electric Car?

There are a couple of factors that’ll determine how fast your electric vehicle will charge. One is how much energy your electric vehicle can accept. The other depends on the amount of energy a charging station can supply.

When visiting a charging station, you’ll find a few levels that include:

  • Level 1: the slowest charging method that supplies 1 kW of power per hour
  • Level 2: these chargers disperse 3–20 kW of power per hour
  • Level 3 (DC fast charge): provide a minimum of 20 kW and a maximum of 360 kW

With a level 1 charger, expect to wait 17–20 hours to charge a 100-mile battery. When using a level 2 charger, this wait time reduces to 4–5 hours. Instead of having to wait hours, if you use a DC fast charge, you’ll only spend 20 minutes charging your EV.

Not all electric cars can use any station. You will need to check your vehicle’s charging capacity.

What Happens When an Electric Car Runs Out of Battery?

Your electric car will stop operating if it runs out of battery. From there, you will need to get off the road and call roadside assistance and have them tow you to the nearest charging station.

When operating a delivery truck vehicle, they can also run out of power to charge liftgates and electric pallet jacks. The solar solutions provider,, and their dual-source charger offer the perfect solution to this issue.

Do You Charge a Car Every Day?

Unless you run out of battery, do not charge your electric car every day. Doing so repeatedly isn’t necessary and can shorten your battery’s lifespan. To avoid complications, refer to your car’s user manual for its battery charging guidelines.

How Long Does One Charge Last for a Car?

When running your electric car with a battery that’s in great condition, one charge will last you a couple of weeks. Your charge’s duration will also depend on how often you drive.

An average Tesla can last 600 miles during a single charge. If you opt for a more affordable vehicle like a Nissan Leaf S, you’ll have a 149-mile range.

Now That You Know How Long To Charge an Electric Car, Explore the World

A couple of factors will tell you how long to charge an electric car. Overall, you’ll need to read through your user manual to learn how often you can charge it and what charging stations your battery will support.

Failure to do so could shorten your battery’s life.

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