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Enjoy Cancun’s Dentists, Beaches and Nightlife

For dental tourists going to Cancun, dentists are just part of the deal. Of course, there are many brilliant dentists in this Mexican city. But you also get to enjoy a nice holiday at this beautiful destination. Cancun is famous for its resorts, beaches and nightlife. Plus, in Cancun, dental clinics, that happen to be the best in the region, are also present. So, the city doubles as a tourist destination and dental tourist hotspot.

Enjoy the Two Areas of Cancun

Cancun has two main distinct areas that dental tourists can explore. One is El Centro, which is the relatively traditional downtown area. The other is Zona Hotelera, which is a lengthy beachfront strip featuring nightclubs, shops, high-rise hotels and restaurants.

The city is also a renowned destination for universities’ spring breaks. Bordering the Caribbean Sea, Cancun has a lot to offer dental tourists by way of a nice, relaxing vacation. All this is of course, in addition to the main attraction – Cancun’s dental clinics that charge a fraction of what US and Canadian dental clinics do.

Enjoy the Lower Prices

Is there a dental procedure you’ve been meaning to get? Whether you’re looking for all-on-four or dental implants in Cancun, you can save a lot of money. To give you an idea of the price difference, here’s the comparison of two popular dental treatments: 

Dental Implants

Price in the US: USD $3,913

Price in Canada: CAD $5,026

Price in Algodones: USD $1,250 / CAD $1,567 


Price in the US: USD $26,000

Price in Canada: CAD $32,500

Price in Algodones: USD $10,000 / CAD $12,532 

What makes these prices meaningful is that they don’t translate into lower quality. Mexico has its fair share of top-quality clinics. If you know where to look, you can find them. You can even research them from the comfort of your home and plan your dental holiday. A good source of information are specialist dental tourism websites that help people easily find a suitable, low-price, high-quality clinic at destinations such as Cancun.

Everyone wants affordable dental care. But not everyone gets it. Having said that, more and more people are discovering the benefits of dental tourism, and how easy it is to pull it off. Cancun’s dentists are some of the most capable dental professionals in the region. Some of them have been trained in the US as well. It’s only a myth that dental tourism means trading dollars for health. With a chance to save upwards of ten thousand dollars, a growing number of people in the US and Canada are willing to go on a dental holiday to Cancun.

In Cancun, dentists work at some of the most well-maintained, modern dental clinics. The winning combination of quality dentistry and a memorable vacation is a big pull factor. It attracts numerous people from across North America. With the sky-high prices of dental care in the US and Canada pushing people to become dental tourists, it all makes sense.