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Four Tips for Improving Your Travel Blog’s PR Strategy

With travel blogging becoming an increasingly popular method of making an income for those who want to explore the world, running a travel blog today means putting in a significant amount of effort to ensure that it stands out from the crowd. This can be tough with many hugely successful and popular travel blogs to be up against, however, it certainly isn’t impossible with the right public relations strategies. PR is the process in which you influence your target audience to perceive your brand in a favorable way, and it’s more important than ever for travel bloggers today. Here are some top tips for improving PR for your travel blog brand.

#1. Study:

As a travel blogger, it can certainly pay off for you to invest some money and time into studying for a PR qualification that will help you understand more than just the basics. For example, this online public relations program from George Washington University will help you gain expert knowledge of the PR industry and in turn, affect how you portray your travel blog to others. Once you graduate with a public relations masters, you’ll be a qualified PR professional which will certainly have some excellent benefits for your brand.

#2. Get to Know Your Readers:

Another important PR strategy for improving the popularity of a travel blog is getting to know your readers as well as you can. When you know who your readers are, what they enjoy, and what they’re not so keen on viewing, you’ll have a better idea of what to publish on your blog and exactly when to publish it to get the best results. To do this, start off by asking for feedback – for example, a couple of lines at the end of each blog posts asking your readers for their honest thoughts on it. You can also post links to social media sites such as Facebook and monitor likes and comments to get a better idea of what is being received well.

#3. Share Important Updates:

One of the main goals of a good PR strategy is ensuring that clients and customers are regularly updated about any changes to the brand. Many brands will do this through a business blog, however, when your business is a blog, it’s even easier. Making sure that you publish any important updates as soon as possible will help to improve your relationship with your readers and keep them interested in returning to find out more. For example, if you decide to go back home for a few weeks, don’t keep your readers hanging – let them know your plans and ensure that they know what to expect.

#4. Encourage Good Reviews:

Lastly, encouraging good reviews of your travel blog is an important method of swaying the public’s opinion in your favor. Today, more and more people read real life customer reviews of brands before forming their own decision. Whether you sell products or simply provide information on your blog, be sure to ask any satisfied customers to leave a review on social media that others can read.

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