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Five Rookie Mistakes for Uber Drivers and How to Prevent Them

Becoming an Uber driver seems like the ideal moneymaking opportunity for those who love to drive, meet new people and work on their own terms, right?

That said, driving for Uber doesn’t come without its challenges. This is especially true for new drivers who may not have the most realistic expectations about the gig or what could potentially go wrong during any given ride.

To ensure that you start your experience as an Uber driver off on the right foot, make sure you understand these five rookie mistakes and how to avoid them prior to your first passenger.

They Don’t Track Their Expenses

Uber drives need to understand dollar-by-dollar how much their money their making, especially if they want to maximize their earning potential.

In addition to the variety of fees taken out by Uber, additional expenses such as fuel, vehicle upkeep and rider amenities can certainly add up over time. While you can certainly make a pretty penny from being a rideshare driver, you’re going to find yourself in the red unless you meticulously keep track of your expenses and set a daily income goal. By sticking to your budget and understanding what you need to earn day-by-day, you know exactly how many rides you need to score.

They’re Picky With Passengers

The more passengers you reject, the fewer opportunities you have to earn cash. Time truly is money in the case of Uber drivers, so spending downtime rejecting passengers that you could otherwise take on really doesn’t make sense. Not only that, serially rejecting passengers could actually work against you within the Uber app.

In the initial days of your journey as a rideshare driver, strive to take on as many passengers as you can to both learn the ropes of the app and understand how to act around riders.

They’re Way Too Chatty

While not every passenger wants to ride in silence, you shouldn’t make the mistake of talking the ear off of your passengers unless they initiate the conversation.

Seriously, though: you’ll have enough passengers that talk willingly that make up for the ones that don’t say a word. Rather than be viewed as aggressive or potentially annoying, let your riders do the talking. Literally.

They Don’t Know their Territory

While third-party navigation apps are great tools for drivers, relying on them too much can result in a disastrous trip.

Think about it: knowledge of shortcuts and side streets could be the difference between a smooth ride and getting stuck in a traffic jam. You should know your area inside and out without having to constantly follow your GPS. Ideally you can use your navigation apps as a sort of reassurance to what you already know, giving you peace of mind regarding your route if you have to make a split-second decision.

They Don’t Check Their Vehicle In-Between Riders

A spotless Uber is basically the expectation of your passengers. It doesn’t take more than a few seconds to double-check the back of your car to make sure everything’s good to go between passengers: after all, you never know what might get left behind after a ride. Furthermore, some cheap cleaning supplies such as car wipes and scented spray are a good idea from cleaning up a mess in your vehicle.

Chances are you have what it takes to be a successful Uber driver. With these tips in the back of your mind, you know what to expect and avoid to offer the absolute best service to each and every one of your passengers.