A Fright Fest of Slot Machine Games Awaits You


Beware, Beware, October 31, 2017! Revelers around the world will be gearing up for a night of trick or treating on Halloween, and this year promises to be a terrifying ordeal. On Halloween, all the ghosts, ghouls, goblins, witches, wizards, and demons will be out in full force, scaring unwitting onlookers and passerby with gory images of decapitated bodies, monstrous aberrations, and copious amounts of blood and guts. The sheer mayhem of this bloodcurdling spectacle is bound to scare the living daylights out of you. Every year, Halloween attractions become ghastlier, and Hollywood is eagerly feeding the mass hysteria.

If you have decided not to venture out on this dreaded night, you may find yourself glued to your TV with incessant reruns of Friday the 13th, A Nightmare on Elm Street, Child’s Play, Halloween, Madman, Scream, Paranormal Activity, and other ghoulish flicks on your screen. But few experiences offer the realism, fear, and immersion of Halloween-themed slot games. For the 18+ crowd seeking stay-at-home thrills, you may be tempted to power up your iPhone, iPad, PC, or Mac and test your survival skills. Let’s begin our terrifying journey to Halloween-slots central with the #1 most horrifying slot game ever: A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Quick review:

A Nightmare on Elm Street is perhaps the most chilling of all the horror-themed slots. With Halloween around the corner, this is your #1 go to attraction. The dreaded Freddy Krueger – demon extraordinaire – will haunt you no end. WARNING: Do not fall asleep. 1, 2, Freddy is coming for you… 3, 4, better lock your door… 5, 6, grab the crucifix… Listen hard; that’s the sound of your heart pounding against your chest. That pulsing in your ears is fear, and that’s not sweat running down the back of your neck – it’s Freddy Krueger’s claws slitting your jugular.

A Nightmare Now Street Slot is without doubt the most haunting slot game in the world. It will have you digging your fingernails into your seat, and swallowing hard as you nervously gaze about for a glimpse of the demon. This game contains authentic video footage of Freddy Krueger. Beware – he can cut through the spinning reels and hurt you. For maximum realism, crank up the audio and let that bloodcurdling music shake you to your core.

Bloodsuckers Slot

Vampires remain the most dreaded night demons of them all. None more so than count Dracula, the ultimate Bloodsucker™. This video slot game takes place in the dead of night, where count Dracula seeks a fair maiden to sink his fangs into. This game is dripping with blood – watch your step you don’t want to trip up and hurt yourself. The music is eerie, the scenes are gory, and the payouts are out of this world. Be sure to keep a close watch for the bloodthirsty Dracula this Halloween. Grab the candelabra and your crucifix, dip your arrows in silver, and prepare for a fright fest.

Casper’s Mystery Mirror Slot

We all know him as the friendly ghost, but this game will have you scared witless. Casper’s Mystery Mirror slot game may have started out as a children’s story in the 1930s, but this game is eerie to the nth degree. The music is reminiscent of Halloween, with shrill sounds punctuating the dead of night. It doesn’t help that the slot game takes place in the barren woods. There are no leaves on the trees, no grass on the ground, and no light in the sky. It’s a haunted haven for Casper and his frightening uncles. This 5-reel slot machine game is packed with bonus features. Before you get too comfortable, keep an eye out for Stretch, Stinkie, and Fatso… These mischievous ghouls are up to no good and they will scare the living daylights out of you.

Let’s go Ghostbusters!

Back in the 1980s, Bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd, Harold Ramis, Rick Moranis, and Sigourney Weaver shot to superstardom with Ghostbusters. Today, we can relive their crazy antics with this supernatural sci-fi thriller featuring Slimer, proton packs, Dana, Louis and Gozer. The movie and its sequels captivated our attention, and we now have an interactive video slot machine game to enjoy. Powered by IGT, this slot machine game offers you cash awards, the paranormal pick, Stay Puft, and unforgettable music.

This is less scary than the other attractions listed in this article, but it’s a great title for Halloween. Watch out for the multipliers, cash awards, extra wilds, wild reels, and other mystery features such as the ballroom busters bonus, the Stay Puft Free Spins Bonus. Get ready to light up the giant marshmallow man with your proton packs and enjoy some tasty treats this Halloween!