Getting your hair vacation ready

hair vacation

Everyone looks forward to going on vacation. Sometimes, the whole year is built towards preparing for that one or two-week vacation. You can relax, let yourself go, and just enjoy your time away from the stresses, trials and tribulations of regular life. One stress that you really do not need while on vacation is your hair not doing as it is told. There are many different ways that your hair can betray you when on vacation, so how do you make sure that your hair is vacation-ready?

Pack sensibly

Packing sensibly is one way that you can solve hair-based problems when traveling. You can still pack enough products to keep your hair in check, while still packing light. If you are planning on traveling to a destination that has high humidity, then there is a good chance that your hair will react in a wild fashion. If your hair is the type to become feral when the humidity hits a certain point, then you will want to pack something to offer the chance to cover it up.

There are two ways that you can get around this issue. The first would be to pack a headscarf inside your suitcase. It takes up very little room but makes it a simple task to get your hair covered up and protected from the humidity. It also helps to protect your head from particularly hot sun. The second way would be to wear a hat while traveling. This takes out the need to pack anything as you can wear your hat while you travel. A hat will also offer better sun protection than a headscarf.

Another vital thing to pack would be Viabrance pins. These useful products from hair care firm Viabrance take up hardly any room in your suitcase but open up a wide range of hairstyles from which to choose. The ability to change hairstyle quickly is vital when it comes to being on vacation. You never know what you might decide to do, so that quick change can become a lifesaver if you want to go from swimming right to playing volleyball.

Make sure that you also pack the important products. If you have frizzy hair and want it to be straight, then you will need the right hair product for that, as well as your straighteners. If you struggle with dry hair, then a moisturizing conditioner will be vital, especially if you are going somewhere with a dry heat. Make sure that you pack enough for the whole trip, but at the same time, as space is limited, make sure that you do not pack products you do not need. Do you need four types of shampoo? No, so pick the one that you need and stick with it.  

Choosing a hairstyle

It all depends on where you are going as to what hairstyle you will want. If you want an all-purpose hairstyle when you travel, then one of the best to choose is a bun. A bun allows you to keep your hair all together without having to worry about it being driven crazy by humidity or water or the wind. It means that you can go about your vacation and take part in any tasks you want without your hair getting in the way.

If a bun is too tight and restrictive for you, then a ponytail is a good back-up solution. However, in very humid conditions, the ponytail will not offer the same level of protection from the elements. If you want a less restrictive hairstyle than a bun but still want protection, then braided hair will offer this. While it is not as restrictive as a bun, it still keeps the hair protected from high humidity. It does run the risk of falling out though, unless you use pins to keep it in place.

If you are going swimming, then leaving your hair natural is probably your best bet. This is because no matter where you have been swimming, you will want to wash your hair at some point afterwards. Leaving salt or chlorine in your hair for long periods of time is not good for it, so washing it is a necessity.

No matter what hairstyle you end up choosing, it is important to make sure that you have chosen one that will allow you to enjoy your vacation. After all, you are there to have a good time, not to worry about things. Choose a hairstyle that will not restrict you from having fun and you will have a much better chance of enjoying your vacation.