Hookups 101: How to Find an Escort

Sex work isn’t just the first profession- it’s one of the most well-paying jobs out there, too. Some hookers make $400 a night, and others even more than that. As long as they’re afforded freedom and the ability to choose who to take on as a client, it makes sense, then, that so many people choose to go into the sex work industry.

If you’re feeling lonely (or horny), you’ve likely considered hiring an escort once or twice before. After all, these women provide many services- sex is only part of the deal. In times like these, you’ve probably asked what an escort is and how you go about hiring one.

Well, today we’re going to answer that question! Read on to learn how to find an escort and why you should hire one for an amazing and magical night.

What Is an Escort?

When you think of prostitution, it’s likely that you think about shady dark-alley deals with pimps who couldn’t care less for their women’s safety-or yours. You might think that it’s a dirty profession rife with STDs. That isn’t the case when it comes to escorts, though.

To clear up this misconception, it’s crucial to know that escorts (a.k.a hookers) work for themselves. They choose to sell their sexual services to men like you, meaning that they’re free to both set their own hours and select their own clients. You aren’t hurting them (as long as you’re clean of STIs). In fact, you’re giving them much-needed money. It’s a lot like hiring a contractor.

Escort services also don’t always mean that sex is going to happen. Sex is often part of the bargain, and if you want it to be, that’s great! But sometimes, men choose to hire escorts to spend time with them or put in a public appearance at a family gathering.

Where Should You Look?

If you watch any TV, you’ve likely seen characters pick up hookers at bars and strip clubs. Yes, this can happen in real life! You just need to know what you’re looking for and be willing to have a discussion with these contractors upfront.

Some escorts also work for company websites and you can find these contractors online. While these women work for a company, they have labor rights and are given benefits that they otherwise wouldn’t have. Plus, there’s additional safety for you because they have been verified STD tested.

Is Hiring an Escort Legal?

Hiring an escort is legal in some US locations. Nevada (ah, Vegas- the Sin City!) is notorious for having legal prostitution amidst its many charms. In these places, you’re free to look for hookers anywhere you want.

The law is a little murkier in other places. Pimping out women is illegal in most states (and rightfully so,) but the kinds of hookers that you can ethically hire are, for the most part, not explicitly illegal to solicit. You can get in trouble for solicitation in some situations, but it’s unlikely to happen unless you get into a riff with your escort.

Not all escorts are hired for sex, either. If you’re just hiring someone to keep you company, there’s literally no gray area there. You’re doing nothing even remotely illegal.

Remember that escorts offer their services because they want to make a transaction. If she happens to put out and you happen to drop a wad of cash, who’s to say that’s solicitation? No one!

What Services Are Offered?

Like we said before, escort services aren’t all about the sex. While it can be a part of some transactions, people have hired escorts for a variety of reasons before. Some men have given whopping amounts of money just to come with them to an awkward family or corporate party and be arm candy.

Other men are very lonely, which is sad but a fact nonetheless. These men may hire escorts to grab dinner with them, provide companionship, and go on nonsexual dates with. 

‘Escorting’ is a really broad term and doesn’t always refer to prostitution. Do your research and know what you want. Also, make sure that you hire someone who’s willing to give what you need- make sure you don’t hire an escort with a no-touching rule if you want sex.

Why Might This Be for You?

Because escorts offer such a wide range of services, there’s something out there for pretty much everyone. Have you ever wished that you could just take a girl out on a mini-golf date? An escort will do that with you and you can just avoid the awkward flirting with girls at bars.

You also are possibly going to want to hire an escort for sex. This makes sense if you’re horny and single- plus, you’ll be giving money to a woman who’s trying to make a stable living as a hooker. If you can afford an escort, there are a lot of advantages.

Why wouldn’t it be for you?

Is She Into It?

No matter what, you need to make sure that the escort you hire is 100% comfortable and committed to any contact you might have, sexual or otherwise. Just because a woman is selling her services doesn’t mean that her body belongs to herself any less than it would otherwise. Ultimately, though you should totally feel free to express your desires, she calls the shots.

Make sure that you have explicit consent for any activities that you engage in with a hooker. Treat her as you would any other one nightstand. Respect is key to a good escorting experience.

How to Find an Escort

We know that the decision of whether or not to hire an escort may bring up some practical as well as moral questions. Still, it’s easier than you might think to find an escort (and now you know how!) Plus, luckily, as long as you hire an independent solicitor and gain consent during the transaction, you can sleep soundly knowing that you’ve done nothing wrong.

Now that you know why and how to find an escort, check out the search function on our home page. Here, you’ll find life tips of all varieties to build a happier and healthier version of yourself.

Have fun!