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How New Tech Helps Make Your Restaurant Workers Happy

It’s great when colleagues enjoy each other’s company but when you’re at work, taking care of business is always the first priority. Thankfully, new technology specifically designed for restaurants delivers business results your managers need, and several features that your employees will love.

Restaurants face notoriously high turnover, so pleasing staff in this industry is especially important. Keep reading to see how employee scheduling software can make your restaurant a happier and more satisfying place to work.

Fast and Responsive Schedules

One frustrating weekly task restaurant employees historically had to deal with was sorting out the puzzle of who would work when — now, employee scheduling software uses automation where possible to make this process take up to 80% less time than it would otherwise take. A staff member doesn’t need to wait to physically see their manager to relay their availability or to request a day off. All they need to do is send the request through the app, which they can access on their phone.

Not only is the act of creating a schedule time-consuming and annoying, employee scheduling software gives each staff way more control over their personal schedule and work-life balance, and makes it far easier to keep their lives outside work organized. Beyond employee happiness just about money or other financial issues, it’s important to make workers feel heard and valued — employee scheduling software has this built into the process of how it takes every staff’s availability into account and distributes shifts evenly and blindly.

Streamlined Communication, Without the Overload

Sometimes communicating on modern devices is so easy that there ends up being too much of it — how often do work-related email threads and group chats seem to go on forever? Not only does this waste time, but there could be very important information that gets buried in all these back-and-forth communiqués that gets missed.

Employee scheduling software effortlessly makes work communications efficient: for example, the best platforms allow managers to send their employees an “announcement” containing only the information they need to know, but doesn’t let anyone else respond. They only get the essentials, and aren’t overloaded.

There are also group chats which can be configured as needed, so that conversation is only limited to the people on certain teams or employees assigned to the same task. Tech that keeps your workers informed but never drowning in messages is something they’ll really appreciate.

Employee Engagement

If an employee has feedback, either positive or negative, employee scheduling software will let their boss hear it. At the end of each work day, employees are given a space to rate the shift and describe how they think it went. Your employees will feel heard and cared about.

The workplace is primarily for work, but it’s important to respect and value your employees — employees who feel connected to their work produce better results, and creating a positive and pleasant work atmosphere is also its own reward. Adopting modern tools like employee scheduling software is a great way to make your workers happy on the job.