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How to Build a Chicken Coop


Did you know since the pandemic, people have started raising chickens? With food prices rising, now might be the time to investigate a chicken coop.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to build a chicken coop. Find out how to create the frame and why you’ll need two entrances.

You’ll Need to Prepare the Area

Don’t look at building a chicken coop after a storm or rainfall. The ground will become soft, making it difficult to put down a solid foundation. Instead, wait for a string of good weather.

Once you know it’s time to build, get rid of the sticks and rocks on the ground. Cut back shrubbery or low-hanging branches from nearby trees.

The shrubs and trees can host predators, making it easy for them to attack your chickens. Nearby woodpiles or sheds also remain places where predators might hide.

What’s Your Coop Plan?

If you build your chicken coop from scratch, pick an easy plan for beginners to assemble. Check out these chicken coop plans.

Choose an uncomplicated plan. Some people will choose to build their coop from recycled wood.

Make Your Frame

You can make a four by six feet chicken coop. You’ll need around 18 pieces of plywood to put up the frame. Use around eight pieces of plywood for your angular roof.

You can get plywood from a local lumber store. The store could even make the cuts for you if you already have the measurements and plan.

Start Adding the Walls

Now, you can add panels to your frame. The panels will get fastened to the frame and along the edges. Leave no gaps for cold drafts or predators to slip inside.

Cut your vents and cover them with hardware mesh.

What About the Flooring?

Some chicken coop plans suggest you use a dirt floor. This might seem like a straightforward choice, but in the long run, consider a wooden base. A wooden floor is a lot easier to clean and dry.

Use level and sturdy boards that aren’t going to move around. Pick wood that doesn’t have holes or large knots in them. String hardware mesh below the floorboards for extra protection against predators.

You’ll Need Two Doors

You’ll need at least two entrances for your chicken coop, one for you and one for your chickens.

The height and width of the door for your chickens will depend on their breed. Some keepers will create a large bird entrance and use it to squeeze in themselves.

Others will choose to make one wall of the coop removable so that they can climb in and out quickly. For entrances, make sure they are accessible but can get fastened shut.

You might want to close it with hardware mesh for your hen entrance instead of a wooden door. This will add ventilation in the warm months.

You Now Know How to Build a Chicken Coop

Now that you know how to build a chicken coop, begin designing a plan. Figure out what kind of chickens you will keep and go from there.

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