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How to Find a Reputable Psychic Who’s Right for You

Are you looking to see a psychic, but aren’t sure who you should go to?

Finding a reputable psychic can be tough. While there are a lot of trustworthy psychics out there, there are also a lot of phonies out there who will just tell you what you want to hear.

So, how do you find the best psychic for you?

Check out this guide to learn how to find a reputable psychic.

Know Where to Look

If you were to hire a doctor, you’d likely check online or call your healthcare provider.

But, where do you go to hire a psychic?

Here are some of the top places to look for one:

Online Psychic Networks

There are plenty of sites out there to search for reputable psychics. On these online networks, you can peruse through a list of psychics and check out their credentials as well as the areas they specialize in.

Through these networks, you can find everything from a clairvoyant to a tarot card reader.

And, most of these networks come with contact information for each psychic so you can get ahold of them directly to discuss your session. Plus, some sites even allow you to contact psychics via email or text, which is a great option for those who lead an extremely busy lifestyle.

Another great thing about these sites is that they encourage people to leave feedback. This way, you can see what other people have to say before committing to a psychic.

However, these sites do come with some drawbacks. For one, there are a lot of psychics to sort through, so choosing the right one for you can feel overwhelming.

And, for the most part, you’ll have to work around the psychic’s schedule, and many of them are only available for a few hours each week.

But, if you’re in no rush to get your reading, this can be a great resource.

Word of Mouth

Searching for a psychic through word of mouth can be one of the best ways to find one you can trust.

Based on the experiences of other people, you’ll be able to judge whether or not the psychic in question is good for you.

We suggest by starting with your friends and family members, and then if that turns out to be fruitless, head online to ask those in your wider social circle.

No matter who the source is for your recommendation, you should always check reviews before booking an appointment.

Psychic Fairs

You can also attend a psychic fair to find the right person for you.

A psychic fair is a bit like a convention for psychics. These are held in either small shopfronts or in huge convention centers. At these fairs, you can walk amongst the booths and chat with different psychics to see if any of them mesh well with you.

In addition to chatting with psychics, you can also get astrological readings, horoscope readings, and tarot readings at these fairs.

A major drawing point of going to a psychic fair is that they give you the ability to shop around. You don’t have to make a commitment to the first individual you talk with. At these fairs, you can wander through the booths, ask questions, and observe others’ interactions.

If you do decide to undergo a psychic reading at the fair, you can take the business card of the psychic and contact them later for another session.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that these psychic predictions at fairs are not free. Just as you would in a private session, the psychic will charge you for their reading.

And, keep in mind that a psychic will not withhold information just because you’re at a fair. So, make sure you’re in the right frame of mind to hear some potentially bad news surrounded by a group of people.

Visit a Local Pagan Shop

Visiting a local pagan shop is another great resource for finding a psychic.

Those who work in pagan shops will be able to tell you who they recommend in their local area and who they think you should avoid.

Plus, pagan shops are a great place to check out spiritual goods that you may want after your psychic reading, such as candles, oils, or alters.

Check Review Sites

Searching online for a psychic is also a great option. However, there are some online sources that are reputable and there are some that you want to avoid.

For reputable sources, we suggest checking out either Yelp or Google My Business. Both of these resources provide detailed reviews and important information from previous customers.

Plus, these sites allow you to narrow your search based on price range, rating, and distance, making it easier for you to find the psychic of your dreams.

It’s important to be aware that there are also online resources that are known for scamming customers, particularly, Craiglist and Facebook Marketplace.

Craiglist is notorious for scams, and since people can’t leave reviews on Craigslist, there’s no way to tell if who you’re contacting is reputable. For your own peace of mind and safety, we recommend avoiding Craigslist.

Facebook Marketplace can be a great resource for buying and selling goods. But, there are no user reviews on this site, which is why we don’t recommend going there to find a psychic.

Are You Ready to Find a Reputable Psychic?

As you can see, there are many options out there for finding a reputable psychic.

Now, all you need to do is begin your research and before you know it, you’ll be undergoing your first psychic reading.

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