The Modern Man’s Guide to Looking Good Without Going Broke

Do you put off working on your fashion and style because it’s too expensive? Or maybe you’re at the other extreme: You spend so much money on the latest items that you don’t have any cash left over to cover basic expenses?


Whichever end of the spectrum you fall on, you may be thinking you need to readjust your way of thinking.

Five Tips for Looking Good on a Budget

It’s no surprise that staying with current fashion can be expensive. If you want to be constantly on the cutting edge, you have to pony up some serious change.

But plenty of people sport a stylish wardrobe without having dropped hundreds or thousands of dollars on individual pieces of attire. Here’s how you can do the same:


  • Buy Versatile Items


Fashion doesn’t have to be as expensive as most people say, and even how much they spend on themselves. One of the keys is to stop purchasing items that can be worn only with one outfit.

Likewise, you need to stop buying cheap clothing that lasts only a few outings before it wears out. What you need to find are high-quality clothing items that are interchangeable and durable.

“Currently, you own 28 dress shirts but only wear 8. Imagine owning 15 and wearing all 15,” writes Antonio Centeno, founder of RealMenRealStyle.

“Do this throughout your wardrobe and you’ll free up more than 50% of the space and find that you have more options as to what to wear. Less clothing, less clutter, more options. Perfect!”


  • Be Smart With Accessories


Accessories aren’t just for women’s fashion. If you want to make your wardrobe more versatile, leverage the right accessories and you’ll be surprised by the difference that makes.

This will allow you to wear the same white dress shirt and black suit multiple times without coming off appearing either repetitive or bland. Likewise, it allows you to own just one or two pairs of jeans and still look fresh every time you walk out the door.

Though we can certainly address ties, pocket squares, cufflinks, and other items, the wristwatch is by far the most important and impactful accessory a man can select. Best of all, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a Rolex to sport a sleek, stylish look.

The Internet has changed the wristwatch industry and given more people access to luxury watch brands at cost-effective price points. Vincero watches are a perfect example: since most of the company’s watches cost less than $300, you can invest in one for every look and occasion.


  • Spend on Shoes


A diverse collection of quality shoes can lift a wardrobe from average to outstanding. At the very least, you need a pair of athletic shoes, sleek trainers, black oxfords, brown oxfords, derby shoes, leather slip-ons, and work boots.

Shoes may turn out to be the most expensive part of your wardrobe, and that’s perfectly acceptable. Pay for quality shoes now and they’ll last you for many years to come. You may be pleasantly surprised by how many people notice.


  • Buy Vintage Items Secondhand


There’s nothing wrong with buying secondhand clothing items … particularly if we’re talking about a blazer, belt, or dress shirt that’s been worn only a couple of times. If a vintage look is what you’re going for, you’re at least as well off buying the real thing, instead of purchasing some modern knockoff.


  • Keep it Simple


Very few people would regard Larry David, the creator of shows like Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm, as a men’s fashion icon. In fact, however, he’s quietly become one of the best-dressed people in Hollywood.

Larry David’s secret to fashion success is found in the simple. As GQ puts it, “His clothes still favor comfort and an unfussy ‘what you see is what you get’ confidence. Most importantly, he’s not trying to look like anything but the best version of himself.”

A firm believer in not letting his wardrobe compete with itself, Larry David chooses one nice item that works with the figure/style and lets everything else compliment that item. It’s as simple as that!

Find Your Look

It’s crucial to identify a look that you like and focus on perfecting the style. Otherwise, you could end up with a hodgepodge wardrobe that’s both expensive and inconsistent.

When you find your look, you’ll start to understand how outfits go together, how much various styles cost, and which trends are coming in and going out of style. Not only will this save you money, but it’ll also boost your confidence.