How to Motivate Yourself to Study

Exam week is always rough for students because you have to study for several subjects at the same time. It gets even harder when you’re stressed or mentally exhausted from all of your schoolwork, projects, and extra-curricular activities. When you have little to no motivation, how do you encourage yourself to study? Here are five tips on how to motivate yourself to study during exam week:

1. Decorate your study space.

You should decorate your space and make it pretty so you are inspired to get to work. You can use laptop stickers or a custom sticker to spruce up your gadgets, notebooks, and other study materials. Put up some photos that make you happy so you can look at them when you’re feeling tired. You can tape polaroids of your friends, family and pets on your wall as inspiration. Lighting is also important in your space. Add a lamp on your desk or open up the curtains when you’re studying so you can feel more awake and energized.

2. Divide your study materials into chunks.

When your teacher said that the exam will cover five chapters of your textbook, it sounded like you can’t study that much in a short amount of time. However, if you divide your study materials into chunks, you should be able to get all of them done on time. For example, you can read two chapters before lunch on a Saturday and then read the rest the next day. Study something else in the afternoon and evening so you don’t feel burned out about one subject.

3. Take a break every thirty minutes.

You can maintain focus better if you take a short ten-minute break every thirty minutes. Rest your eyes, stretch, eat a snack, call a friend, or take a power nap so you don’t get tired easily. However, remember to use this break productively. Resting your eyes or taking a nap is good for your mental health, stretching and eating a healthy snack is good for your physical health, but scrolling through social media is not good for either.

4. Reward yourself.

Positive reinforcement is a good and effective motivator. You can create a reward system for yourself for every task that you complete. For example, you can watch an episode of your favorite Netflix series for every practice test that you answer and get an 80% on. Or you can spend an hour playing your favourite FPS game on your gaming laptop

5. Make studying more interesting.

Reading can be a bore, especially when you’ve been doing it for hours. So find new ways to study that makes the subject matter more interesting. For example, you can watch a YouTube video about a topic so you can be entertained and understand it better at the same time. However, be careful about getting distracted by other videos online. To avoid this problem, you can download the videos for offline viewing and turn off the WiFi while you study.

Decorating your space, dividing your study materials, taking a break, rewarding yourself, and finding more interesting ways to study are effective ways to motivate yourself to study. By following these five tips, you will surely ace your tests and get good grades.