How to Truly Unite Your Sports Team

If you run a sports team, no matter at which level or age group, you will know only too well the importance of unity and solidarity when it comes to how the team fares. Unless you are operating a professional outfit where the players are being paid to play, bringing your team together to play as one is something which is far easier said than done. As we all know, a team which is playing as one will always trump a team of better individuals who play on their own, and here are some ways in which you can bring your team together, so that they will train, play and fight as a single unit.

Dissolving Cliques

Anyone who has been a part of a sports team will know that little cliques and private groups can often form within the team. There is nothing wrong with friendships within the squad, and not everyone has to like each other, but it is vital that these cliques and groups exist only outside of the team setting. In order to ensure that these small groups don’t have a negative influence on the team, make sure that you are pairing different people together on buses, hotel rooms, and even at meal times. This will help team members to get to know one another and will bring the team dynamic together.


You will no doubt have a kit for your squad, if not then this is something which you should try your best to get for them, as this is what identifies your team. If you do already have uniforms then think about what the team are wearing off the field, and try to get some additional sports tops and clothing which they will be able to wear on their way to and from matches. Companies like OTG offer high quality customizable sportswear which can help your team feel together both on and off the field of play.

The Individual

Many sports coaches get far too hung up on team work and as a result can often forget the importance of each individual in the side. It is recommended therefore that you balance the work which you do with the team on the whole, and with each individual, as both will greatly contribute towards your team working better together. You need to inspire your players to be the best that they can, in order to help the team, in basketball a great dribbler must be able to see a pass, a great shooter must know how to get open for a pass and a great defender must be confident enough to take the lead in order to better help the team. A team is the sum of its individual parts so in order to increase unity, all parts must be at the top of their game.

Small Wins

Winning leagues and playoffs are long term goals and whilst they can help to motivate the team, focusing on smaller goals will be a better way to inspire your team to find success. Perhaps nailing a certain play, attaining a certain amount of points, beating your rivals, these will serve your team far better when it comes to creating unity and winning the small battles will propel them on to achieving those big goals which you’ve set out.

When your team is working as one, you will see significantly more success.