Know These Short Trends Now for Spring 2022

The popularity of clothing trends for the warm weather comes in waves, but shorts are a spring wardrobe staple that will stick around forever. The best of us had a ton of fun styling biker shorts the last couple of years, but next spring, we’re going to see shorts everywhere. Expect to see plenty of awe-inspiring shorts and outfit trends inspired by the Spring 2022 Runways.

Everyone loves wearing lighter and more revealing clothes during the warmer spring weather, but it can be tricky to score a quality pair of women’s shorts that are cutter and flattering yet practical and comfy. Thankfully, shorts nowadays come in all styles, lengths, and prints imaginable. Lace shorts, biker shorts, leopard print shorts, cargo shorts, tie-dye shorts, high-waisted shorts – you name it!

They are also found in a wide array of fabrics that range from denim and soft cotton to linen and even leather. There’s undoubtedly something for everyone. While that is definitely a good thing for you, having too many options can overwhelm you, making it hard to choose a good pair to add to your spring sartorial collection.

But that’s why we are here to help. We have rounded up a quick shopping guide for some of the hottest short trends you should snag right now for spring 2022.

– Lace Shorts

If you plan to update your closet for the warmer spring weather, you won’t go wrong with trusty shorts, and nothing can beat the vibrant feel and look of lace shorts. Whether you want something to lounge around at home or for brunch with the girls, lace shorts are sure to meet your spring fashion goals.

Oh yeah, lace shorts have made a come-back, and we think they will stick around for a while this time. The good thing about lace shorts is that they are easy to wear and go with pretty much any casual item of clothing.

Styling lace shorts are all about layering them under oversized, comfortable tops, making sure only a couple of inches of the shorts peek out. This look will allow your gorgeous legs to shine and steal the limelight. For an added kick of style and oomph, consider wearing a pair of high-heeled boots.

Celebs have paved the way for us when it comes to styling lace shorts. Take Emma Watson, for instance. The former Harry Potter actress has been spotted many times donning lace shorts. For instance, she wore cream lace shorts with a muted pink blazer while filming an ad for Lancome. Then, to add a bit of sizzle to the outfit, she stepped out in a white tee with a black tie for a chic French look.

For your turn, you can combine a pair of black lace shorts with a light blue coat to create a dreamy outfit that is ready for the spring. Finish off this ensemble with a pair of black and white leather heeled sandals, and get ready for a crazily hot leg show. 

Another pair that will get a big thumbs up is wearing white lace shorts and a tweed jacket. This relaxed combination will get all the attention without making you look too flashy. It is also easy to pull off, helping you look fab and ready for any casual occasion. Finally, consider adding an olive leather satchel bag, olive straw hat, and a pair of dark brown sunglasses.

If you are after a casual outfit that is stylish yet practical, opt for a combo of lace shorts and a black crew-neck sweater. A beige canvas leather pouch will be the perfect accessory for this look. You can also team lace shorts with a black blazer for a laid-back look, then throw a pair of white leather oxford shoes into the mix for a bit of outfit-matching mix.

– Leather Shorts

There’s something about leather shorts that makes them perfect for the warmer spring weather. They are a perennial favorite for ladies who wish to put together easy-to-wear, off-duty casual outfits, adding modern flair to any look.

Some leather shorts come with beautiful self-tie details and loose-fitting designs that make them easy to style. As recommended by Sanctuary Clothing, it is best to finish off your leather shorts’ look with brightly-colored pieces like bright whites and a blazer or coat.

For instance, consider teaming black leather shorts with a tan blazer atop a white tank top for a comfortable yet stylish outfit. Finish this get-up with beige sunglasses, a pair of tan leather pumps, and a black leather clutch. 

For those who wish to whip up an on-trend outfit, wearing a hot pink blazer and a pair of black leather shorts will do the trick. It is a versatile look that can be completed in a variety of ways. For one thing, a pair of black leather loafers and a white crew-neck tee will help elevate the styling factor of this outfit.

Want a go-to look for casual style? Why not wear black leather shorts with a green and navy plaid dress shirt. Layer a pair of black horizontal striped tights under the shorts to create a cool-girl ensemble. A nice pair of black leather lace-up flat boots is what you need to dress down this look.

– Denim Shorts

Denim shorts go together with the warmer weather of late spring just like Bonnie and Clyde. That is why it comes as no big surprise that denim women’s shorts are all the rage right now. From preppy to edgy, you will find a ton of styles of these shorts to suit your personality and style.

This coming spring, switch up your denim game with cutoffs that feature distressed details and a high-waisted silhouette. These beauties will shine their brightest when paired with brightly-colored whites. For example, you can team blue denim shorts with a white linen sleeveless top for a desirable combination. Introduce a crossbody bag and a pair of white leather flat sandals to increase the causal factor of the ensemble.

Want to keep it simple? Put together blue denim shorts with a white tie-dye dress shirt for a relaxed yet pleasantly stylish look for anyone who loves ultra-cool styles. Don’t be afraid to introduce other accessories that will spruce up the get-up. If it is too dressy for you, you can tone it down by rounding it off with white leather low-top sneakers.

If you are not a fan of blue denim shorts or cutoffs, you can opt for the classic bleached denim shorts. They go perfectly well with canvas boat shoes or flat leather boots. Consider pairing these shorts with a navy kimono for an off-duty look with a modern twist.

– Runners

If you lead an active lifestyle and are into women’s shorts, then runners are going to knock your socks off. The athleisure-inspired shorts are a summer staple that will serve you well during spring. When looking for runners, go for ones that sport fun prints and bold colors that’ll showcase your personality.

You don’t have to rifle through your closet long before you find a good gem to pair with your runners. For instance, team a gray print sweatshirt with your runners and complete the sporty outfit with low-top sneakers. Then, class it up with elegant jewelry or opt for high heels.

– Cargo Shorts

Cargo shorts were made for the warmer months, and they will add a functional touch to your spring wardrobe. This is particularly true if you love donning utilitarian items like carpenter pants, boilersuits, and mechanic’s jackets. Accordingly, opt for cargo shorts that feature classic detailing, multiple pockets, and muted hues like forest camo and khaki for the ultimate in practicality and fashion.

When dressing up shorts, an olive green jacket will fit the bill. Finish off the get-up with a brown leather belt, navy shawl-neck sweater, and a pair of tan suede pumps.

– Shorts and Overalls

Shorts and overalls (AKA shortalls) are in fashion right now, and it is easy to understand why. The combo is functional, uniquely stylish, and can offer an effortless chic factor in spring, summer, or even fall. As a result, we see shortalls taking over the fashion scene in spring 2022.

You can layer shortalls under a bomber jacket or a light blazer in a neutral color for a relaxed, urban-inspired look. To sizzle up the styling factor, add a pair of hot pink ballerina shoes and a tan silk tank top; you will be glad you did.


Women’s shorts for this coming spring are available in a dizzying variety of styles. Take your pick from utilitarian cargo shorts, chic leather shorts, classic denim shorts, or shortalls.