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Learning Lessons From a Dentist Office Near Me

Just over a year ago this dental office near me was doing a drive for new patients and I decided that I would head over with the kids to check out what it was like. I had been using the same dentist for many years yet they had began to constantly change who we saw, and I didn’t really like this inconsistency, especially with the kids in mind. I did have some reservations about this place to be honest because I felt that if a dentist needed to push in this way for new patients, that perhaps there was a reason why this was the case. And so we headed off for a simple check up and to suss out what the place was like.

As it turned out, this was the perfect place for me and the family and here is what they have done so right. I share this with you because if you are not getting this from your dentist, it ay be time to change.

Appointment Promise

At this new place you are guaranteed an appointment within 5 days, and they have delivered on this promise time and time again. I have to say that I was a little bit suspicious about this when I first signed up but each time I have made an appointment it is always within 5 days, unless I ask otherwise. This is something which we should come to expect from this kind of service yet the new normal is to feel lucky if you get a date within a fortnight, we should expect more and 5 days is the perfect solution.

Great With Kids

It is abundantly clear at this dentist that they have decided together that they are going to work hard on making sure that kids feel comfortable, and my kids always seem to be calmer than ever before when they visit. This is the situation the world over, kids just don’t like dentists, nor adults for that matter, and so it makes great sense that they would focus heavily on this. Games, fun ways of doing things and a general feeling of ease, this is what I expect when I take my kids to the dentist, and these guys deliver.


It may not sound like much but it is so nice to head into the dentist twice a year and to be greeted by name, or for the dentist to ask abut my wife, or my job. This level of familiarity is what separates the very best from those who simply do the job, and I really do enjoy it.


I do not mind paying what I have to in order to make sure that our teeth are healthy and that any problems are fixed, but I do take umbrage at those clinics who charge exorbitant amounts simply because they can. And so I anticipate a reasonable and competitive price from the dentist and that is exactly what I get from my new dentist.

I was so happy to have made the change and it really opened my eyes as to what a dentist should offer, if you are not receiving the best quality care, then you too may look to switch.