How to Make Sure That Your Car Is Fit For The Winter

The winter is a notoriously troublesome time for drivers and the harsh weather conditions offer up a series of potential problems. To begin with the number of accidents on the roads almost triples at this time of year because of the treacherous conditions and, during the holiday season at least, the increased number of people on the road under the influence of alcohol. Aside from driving safely, there is also the car itself to be worried about as the cold and tough conditions takes their toll on the machinery of your car.

Each year, just before winter we have a perfect opportunity to make sure that our cars are ready ahead of the winter months and it is definitely advisable that you take some of these steps to ensure that you are going to be safe and have your car in a good condition, throughout the winter months.

Warranty Review

Your car’s warranty covers you for mechanical breakdowns and it is worth using this time to check what the current condition of your warranty is. Many people aren’t aware that their warranty has ran out and the last thing that you want is to find this out after a problem has arisen. If your warranty has expired you can extend it using a company like Accelerated Service International so that you can have peace of mind during the winter months.

Breakdown Cover

More cars breakdown during winter than during any other month and it really does make a great deal of sense to ensure that you have a breakdown cover. Break down cover will mean that should something go wrong, you can simply call a number and someone will come out to help you, this is a wise investment anyway and especially so during winter.


Older cars can often seize up after a night in the cold and if you have a car which is older, you should start thinking about how you plan to store the car overnight. Many of us have garages which are so full that we couldn’t get a car into it and if this is you, you should think about clearing it out and using the space. Equally you should think about windshield covers for your car to avoid the build up of frost and snow overnight and to maintain the temperature of your windshield to avoid it cracking from the cold.

Garage Check Up

Finally you should be looking to take your car into the garage for a check up ahead of winter. During this check up the mechanic will check all of your levels including making sure that there is enough anti-freeze in the engine to stop it from seizing up. Tires are also particularly fragile during this time of year and the garage will ensure that your tires have enough tread and that they are prepared for the cold months ahead.