Making Love After 60: Your Guide To A Helthy Sex Life As A Senior

According to one study, only about 57% of seniors over 60 were sexually active.

In comparison, 72% of people who were below 60 years old were enjoying their sex life.  

Are you worried that as you age, your sex life will go stale? Thanks to some Semenax, mindful planning, and informative science, making love after 60 can be exciting.

Don’t Wait Until You’re in the Mood

Many people don’t have sex unless they’re in the mood. However, if you’re above 60, you may have to try and have sex even when you’re not in the mood. 

When you age, the hormones that put you in the mood start to decrease, which leads to you not feeling like you want to have sex. 

If you keep waiting for that drive, you will end up going a long time without having sex. However, if you start setting the mood and getting aroused, that desire will also come. 

The more often you do this, you may start getting to the point where you are put in the mood. 

If you aren’t in the mood to be with a partner, you can also try masturbation. You may not be in the mood for that either, but once you start doing it more often, the desires will start to follow. 

Schedule Some Time for Sex

If you aren’t in the mood, you may be pushing off time for sex. That’s why it’s important to schedule it.

Some people think that it’s spontaneous, but it doesn’t always work like that. Hollywood may make it seem like it’s spontaneous, but in real life, couples need time and trust to ensure that they have a good sex schedule. 

If you know the scheduled time is going up, go out and start getting your heart rate up. When you get back from a brisk jog or dancing or swimming, go back to your partner and then start kissing and touching either other.  

Learn More About Your Biology

As you age, certain chemical and physical changes happen to your body.

If you’re a woman, you may have noticed some changes as you go through menopause. Your vulva and vagina will go through physical changes as well, which can make the experiences during sex different.

Estrogen levels also change when you are going through menopause, which can thin your tissues and decrease lubrication.

For the men, they may also start to notice some changes in their physical and emotional changes. 

Some men may experience problems with getting or maintaining an erection. However, there are still drugs and other things that can help with that. If you’re interested in these drugs, you can also find coupons out there to help you purchase them.  

Use Sex Toys

If none of the tips above has helped, you may want to look into incorporating sex toys. 

If you choose the right sex toy, this can be the difference between just being aroused and reaching orgasm. 

When you’re older, you do need a little bit more help and stimulation than they used to, and you can reach this from using a sex toy.

Try New Positions

When you get older, your body starts to age and change as well. This means that you may not be able to use the same sex positions that you used to. Sometimes they can even be painful which can really take you out of the mood.

You may have to improvise as well. If you want to try missionary, you may want to add a pillow under your back to feel more comfortable. If you want to be on top, it may also help to control penetration and decrease some pain. 

Experiment with new positions to see which ones aren’t painful. It can also spice things up in the bedroom which can help put you in the mood. 

Use Lubrication

Pain can be a big excuse to avoid having sex. After menopause, some women may experience even more pain because there isn’t as much lubrication. 

In order to avoid that pain and friction, you may want to try and use some external lubrication. 

There are also vaginal moisturizers that will help as well. Another thing to help with the lubrication is to use foreplay. 

Focus on Simple Touch and Intimacy 

If you need help with starting the mood, it can actually help with just focusing on simple touch or intimacy as well. 

Intimacy isn’t always just about sex. Just touching your partner and letting them know you’re there and trusting them can help bring the two of you closer together.

This will take some of the pressure off simply having sex, and instead it will help you focus on just being happy together. 

Communication is Key

At the end of the day, communication is one of the most important aspects of making sure you have a good sex life.

As you grow older with your partner, it will be helpful to your relationship if you are both able to talk freely about the changes you are going through. It may help decrease some of the fear as well.

Most people aren’t comfortable talking openly about sex, but it can actually help improve your sex life and make it more enjoyable. 

You may find that communication about sex is easier if you add a little humor to it. You should also be honest about how you feel. If you are both honest, it can make it easier to share with your partner. 

With open communication, you may be able to discuss new ideas and talk about experimenting with new positions, toys, and lube.  

Enjoy Making Love After 60

Making love after 60 doesn’t have to be difficult. You will just have to make a few adjustments and learn some new methods.

Making sure your sex life is adequate isn’t the only thing that will help keep your relationship alive.

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