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The 10 Greatest Sex Toys for Men (And Couples)

Around 70% of adult Americans own a dildo, which means we’re definitely not shy about getting some satisfaction!

Whether it’s for solo play, one partner, or multiple, sex toys are wonderful inventions that make sexual activities so much more enjoyable.

But considering most sex toys seem to be geared towards women, you may be struggling to find some sexual aids as a man.

But not to worry. We’re here with a list of the 10 greatest sex toys for men (and couples!).

1. nJoy Pure Wand

You might be familiar with dildos, but chances are, the ones you’ve used or know of are made of rubber or silicone.

The nJoy Pure Wand is a dildo, but it’s made out of something different: stainless steel. In fact, it almost resembles a giant barbell.

Because it’s made of stainless steel, this means you can experiment with both cold and warm temperatures. And for heterosexual couples, not only can you stimulate the man’s prostate, but you can also hit the G-spot as well.

2. Fun Factory Manta

At first glance, this sex toy may seem a bit scary looking; the tip of looks very similar to a pincher bug’s head. Not very sexy, if you ask us.

But once you get over the aesthetics, you’ll find that it’s an excellent penis stroker. This makes the Fun Factory Manta not only a great choice for solo play, but also one for use with partners, as it can turn your penis into a vibrating toy for them!

The Fun Factory Manta is waterproof and comes with 6 different patterns and vibration speeds, which gives you some variety.

3. We-Vibe Pilot

The We-Vibe Pilot is a vibrating penis ring that offers 10 different vibration modes. While it’s certainly fantastic for masturbatory uses, this sex toy really shines when it comes to stimulating couples. Like with the Fun Factory Manta, the We-Vibe Pilot turns your penis into a live sex toy!

What really makes this shine for couples is the remote control feature. It comes with an easy to use smartphone app that enables to you to play with the vibration levels.


If you’re into prostate stimulation, then the LELO LOKI Wave is a must-have for your collection. As always, LELO’s come out with an elegant sex toy that isn’t vulgar to look at.

This is a massager that has 2 motors, which provides multiple speeds and vibration patterns. It even moves back and forth for unparalleled prostate stimulation.

The LELO LOKI Wave is also waterproof, so you can sneak this toy into the shower for some discreet fun.

5. Aneros Helix Syn

The Aneros Helix Syn is a soft prostate massager that has an interesting design to look at. The fact that it’s a soft toy means it’ll be easier for you to stimulate your prostate. So if you’ve had troubles with more rigid toys, be sure to give this one a try.

Lots of thought’s been put into the design of this sex toy. Not only does it have the standard flared base to prevent it from getting stuck, but it also has ribbed edges and an optimal angle to maximize on pleasure.


The LELO BILLY looks like the cousin of LELO’s vibrators for women. It’s long and thin; with a smaller circumference from regular dildos, the LELO BILLY will feel wonderful for prostate stimulation.

This sex toy comes with a flared base and tapered head. Plus, it has 6 different vibration settings to choose from.

7. Fleshlight

No male sex toy list would be complete without mentioning the Fleshlight. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you probably already know what this sex toy is.

It’s a discreet toy, as it’s made to look like a flashlight; hence the name. So while not in use, it just looks like an innocent accessory, should anyone stumble upon it.

The Fleshlight is a masturbation sleeve that has many bumps, ridges, and other textures to give you maximum pleasure while using it. It’s made of medical-grade silicone, which makes it very easy to clean.

If you’re curious about what a Fleshlight feels like, read here for some great insight, such as how it compares to different types of sex (vaginal, oral, and anal).

8. Tenga Flip Zero EV

The Tenga Flip Zero EV is also a masturbation sleeve, but it has the added feature of 2 vibrating cores. Its sleek and simple design makes it so if you ever accidentally leave it out, no one would be the wiser.

This sex toy comes with 5 different vibration settings and adjustable suction, which is great if you like some variety and customization. Plus, it’s semi-transparent, so if you’re into self-voyeurism, this is a perk.

9. b-Vibe Cinco Remote Control Vibrating Anal Beads

This sex toy looks simple, but it packs in features from anal beads, dildos, and prostate massagers, all into one convenient package.

The b-Vibe Cinco Remote Control Vibrating Anal Beads have 6 different vibration speeds and 15 patterns. Your partner can control the patterns and speeds from up to 15 feet away.

10. KIIROO Onyx2

This one’s for the techies out there. The KIIROO Onyx2 is a male masturbator that utilizes 10 contracting rings to give you either a stroking or thrusting feel.

What makes it different from the rest of the items on this list is its ability to sync up to devices; particularly, VR ones. This means you can kick up solo play a notch by syncing your toy with your favorite pornos.

Purchase the Best Sex Toys for Men to Spice up Your Love Life

By adding the best sex toys for men and couples to your collection, you can perk up your love life a bit if you feel like you’ve been in a rut. Make sure to practice safe sex, clean your sex toys thoroughly, and most of all, remember to have fun!

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