Michael Volititch: What Professional Writers Do to Become Better

Writing is a professional skill that takes lots of focus and training. Although it seems like the best writers merely picked up a pen and became famous, a quick check of their backgrounds and you will see that it took them decades to master the art that made them famous. The amount of time they spent to get to their level of skill can be compared to the greats in any art, sport or business. If you have thought about what it takes, you are not alone. Millions wonder and wish they could master the skill of the best writers. Many like Michael Volitich have gotten on the road to becoming great writers and have made a profession out of it as they get better. What they learn along the way is how to master a unique set of skills and to adopt a specific set of behaviors. Here are some of the most important of those skills and behaviors if you have an interest in becoming a great writer.

Read All the Time

It may sound simple and obvious but it bears repeating repeatedly and that is an order to become a great writer you need to read all the time. You should pick up periodicals, books, essays, speeches, and all other forms of written works. You should direct yourself to those written works that are very well written or highly acclaimed. You should also read books and stories that are popular. Sometimes the most popular writers are not the most high-quality writers, but there’s always something to learn about their writing.

This also means that you should stay away from television and video games because they robbed you limited time. Instead pick up a book and pay attention to the important elements of that book. Focus on the writing style, the story structure, character development, story development, and all other key elements of the story. Soon you’ll be able to break down and understand what makes. You can then use these attributes in your own writing and you will become a better writer.

Take a writing class

You might be surprised to learn that some of the greatest writers went to school to learn their craft. In fact many of the best writers actually have PHDs in writing. The reason for this is that going to school in addition to getting you important knowledge about how to write stories also forces you to focus constantly on your writing skills. Many writing programs have acclaimed authors as their professors and they can help direct you toured with great in a way from what isn’t.

Even if you are older, one smart thing to do is to join a writing class. This could be a community-based writing class, a college extension course, or any other writing class that features high-quality writing instruction. This is the perfect time for you to consistently on your writing skills and also to meet other writers with whom you can commune with provide moral support. You can also share your writing with each other and work on making each of you better.

If you were serious about improving your writing, be prepared to spend lots of time working on it. Becoming a good writer will definitely take some time, but if you do put in the time you will definitely become a good writer.