Dayanna Volitich on Key Things You Need To Know About the Teaching Profession

Teachers are special people doing special things in society. They take on the responsibility of educating our kids and preparing them to face a new and quickly changing world. They put aside many aspects of their own lives in order to do this and we should recognize their sacrifices for what they are; enormous.

When someone agrees to be a teacher they typically understand what is entailed. They know that the road will be long and the rewards few but they are often the most passionate types and for those like Dayanna Volitich who stay in the profession the intangible rewards are innumerable. For those considering a teaching career, here are here are some things you should understand about the profession.

You Will Never Get Rich Teaching

Unless you are a superstar professor at a top university, you will never make a living that allows you to retire with a large bank account from teaching. Teachers always get pad at the low end of the income scale which of course is very surprising considering the responsibilities that have to society. This means that teachers will have to find other types of rewards besides financial. The great news is that there are many other types of rewards including great job satisfaction, being a part of a making the world a better place and helping young people to find their ways through life. These rewards can offer great pride and benefits to teachers.

Teachers Are Not Always Respected

More and more we are hearing stories of teaches being disrespected by students, parents and even administrators. In the classroom students are often disrespectful to their teachers because of social media. Students want to post videos that show outrageousness and being aggressive or disrespectful to teachers. These videos typically get millions of views depending on how extreme they are and with so many young people starving for Internet attention, there is a big push for them to start a commotion in the classroom. Teachers must be careful today and work to diffuse any tense situations and avoid being goaded into any scenes with students. It could mean their jobs even if they are in the right.

Teachers are often disrespected by parents as well. The ideal teaching dynamic is when the teacher and parents work together for the benefit of the child. The teacher will keep the parent informed of the progress of the student and what things can be done at home to further the education of the student. Often today however parents simply do not keep up their end of the bargain. They are either too busy or simply do not care enough and when their children either fail or do not reach their potential, they feel angry and lash out the teacher. The teacher must again be calm and redirect the parent’s anger into positive outcomes. This is challenging because there is emotion involved on both sides, but it is part of a teacher’s job.

Teachers Must really Care About the Job

Because the pay is low and teachers will often be disrespected, if they do not really love their job’s they will get overwhelmed and leave the profession. Teachers must find ways to deal with the negative aspects of the job and lean on the positive benefits they receive. They will find great students. They will be able to turn around the fortunes of many marginal students and make them great students. They will be shown an outpouring of love by some students and parents. And they wil be able to point to success stories knowing that they did a good thing. These benefits must be constantly called upon to bring comfort and joy to teachers, as they face daily challenges in the classroom.

Teaching is a profession that requires the most patient and committed people.