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Why You Must Act After an Injury Which Wasn’t Your Fault

Personal injury claims have long been the subject of debate, and there have been some landmark cases in this field in the last 20 years. With this being said, should you ever face an injury as a result of an accident which was no fault of your own, it is your duty to ensure that you take action against the culprit.

Just last year I had an accident at work as a result of some missing signage, an accident which really had a profound impact on my life. I felt incredibly wronged by the situation that I found myself in, and so I consulted the Dolan Law Firm, who put to gather a case for me in order to get some justice. If you have had an accident which was caused through no fault of your own, it is absolutely imperative that you take action, and here are just some of the reasons why.

Preventative Measures

Chief among the reasons why I decided to take legal action against my employer after my accident, was so that I could ensure that what happened to me never happens to anyone else. After a case such as this, companies must take action in terms of their health and safety measures. In reviewing the company’s procedures around health and safety, they can ensure that accidents cannot happen as easily to someone else in the future. It is not just employers which must take this kind of action, so too must local governments should an accident happen in public. Though taking legal action, you can greatly help others.


The idea of compensation has become something which people look at in a negative way, ever since many charlatans tried to use the law to their advantage with fake claims. The truth however, is that compensation plays a key role in ensuring that the culprit is sufficiently punished, and that you can gain some kind of reward for the injuries which you have sustained. The money which you may receive can help to pay medical fees, supplement loss of earnings, as well as covering legal fees and transport costs. The truth behind compensation is that most victims will tell you that they would have preferred never to have been injured in the first place, rather than being injured and receiving a payout. In terms of punishment, local governments or employers are best hurt when they are forced to pay out.

Bringing Attention

Finally, making a claim against the culprit for your injury, is about bringing about unwanted attention and shining a light on bad practice. Very often businesses will settle out of court in order for them to avoid having their name dragged through the mud. In some cases however, businesses who do this can go on with their negligence, knowing that nobody will hold them to account. By making a case and seeing it through, you can make businesses stand up and take action to avoid having their reputation further tarnished.