Nine University Reviews – Reasons Why Amazon FBA Continues to Make People Money 

Fulfillment by Amazon is a service that is used by millions of business owners across the globe and it is one which has made plenty of people a lot of money. This is why we are even seeing some courses pop up online like that by Nine University, which teaches people with lofty ambitions how to use the FBA service and how to launch a business which is almost guaranteed for success. In fact just looking at the Nine University reviews it is clear to see how much those students have taken from this course, and they give an interesting insight into what the world of Amazon FBA is like. This business model shows no signs of slowing down and here is why it continues to make people money.

Amazon’s Success

Whilst it isn’t a prerequisite that businesses which use FBA have to sell their goods on Amazon, thanks to their multi-channel support, the majority of businesses do sell their products through the online retailer. Over the last decade Amazon has grown massively and it now counts on millions of users each and every year, with the average spend rising as well as the amount of people using the site. This means that with every day that passes there is more and more opportunity for people to take advantage of Amazon’s success and use it to make some significant profits. 


We mentioned in the intro that many people are now looking to take courses in Amazon FBA such as that offered by Nine University and this too is helping people to increase the amount of money that they make in this industry. The percentage of users who are making between $25,000-$100,000 per month has risen sharply in the last 2 years alone and much of this can be attributed to the fact that business owners are now going into this with much more knowledge and a stronger foundation behind them. Many of the mistakes have been made by others which is why new businesses aren’t repeating them. Furthermore we have seen so many success stories from sellers on Amazon, that those who were suspicious now know that this is not the scam they first thought. 

Higher Quality 

In the early days of Amazon FBA there were so many products which were of low quality that were being sold by businesses via FBA. Over time however the customer reviews would highlight such issues and businesses had to very much get their acts together. The result is that companies selling through Amazon are now increasing the quality of their products, which keeps customers happy and brings in more sales. 

Smart System 

In reality the success of Amazon FBA was only ever really dependent on the success of Amazon itself, because as a business model it is absolutely watertight. Businesses who do sell make money for both Amazon and for themselves, but even those businesses with low sales or non-existent sales aren’t causing Amazon an issue because of the fact that they charge higher fees for long-term storage, and will return products after a period of time without activity. This is a smart business model which will continue to help all parties succeed.