Relationships That End When Someone Is Still In Love And Cares

Breaking up is difficult, but this is especially true if you still love the other person. No one is every prepared when their partner surprises them with the declaration of an impending split. You do everything possible to prolong the inevitable. This feels almost as though you’re suffering a loss comparable to that of a death. It’s unfathomable that this person will no longer be in your life, that you won’t be seeing them again. The grieving process takes time to go through to a point where you’ll heal. But the idea is that you will heal. The pain that you’re feeling is temporary and love will come around for you again.

Finding A Way To Work Through The Pain Of A Breakup

When your partner decides that your relationship is no longer working for them and it’s time to end things, this can come as quite a blow. If you’re still completely happy and feel everything is going great, this is difficult to comprehend. Why had nothing every been communicated to you? 

Your first instinct is going to be to try to reunite with you seeking incite on sites such as Get Ex Back For Good. But there is not much you can do without making things much harder on yourself. Once a partner reaches a decision to close a chapter, it’s pretty much done. The best you can do is find ways to cope. And there are various things that you can do to help with that.

  • Understand that loving someone doesn’t fix the problems happening within a relationship. It’s time to sit down and analyze what’s been actually happening between the two of you. If there’s been no communication that there was a problem prior to the split, that’s a red flag. 

A couple that doesn’t communicate will ultimately have irreparable issues. If the partner is unable to discuss the things that are bothering them, they can’t resolve them. And really, if you think about it, you couldn’t be happy in that situation either. This leads to the final straw for one or both of you.

  • Don’t blame yourself. Because you still love this person, your immediate response is going to be to question what you did wrong. There isn’t anyone to blame in these situations. Some couples just find themselves going in different directions at a certain point. This sometimes happens for one person before the other. It’s not anyone’s fault. Read here for warning signs your relationship may be in trouble.
  • Friends and family can be very helpful when you’re going through this stage. There is no reason to try to handle the grieving process alone. They do need to know their boundaries as you won’t be in a situation where you’ll be prepared to hear any type of criticisms directed at the relationship or your partner. This is to be a time of healing. What you need is comfort and an ear to listen as you talk it all out.
  • Allow yourself the time to go through the stages of grieving. Take the time to go through all the emotions that you need to go through. Even if that means taking some time out of your normal every day schedule. Even if the relationship was short-term, there are strong feelings attached that you need to work through. This is a good time to think about what the next phase of your life might look like. Maybe take a vacation to clear your head. You might decide to move or take up a new hobby.
  • Put away the special mementos and pictures that you have from your time together. These may not be something that you want to toss out. They hold meaning of a special time in your life that you might want to reminisce about in the future. It’s okay to hold onto them, but pack them away in a box. This way there are no reminders currently keeping you from moving on.
  • Steer clear from dating for a while until you feel that you have fully healed from your current relationship. You don’t want to transfer the feelings you have right now onto someone else in the way of a rebound. It’s better to keep things simple and single for the time being until you reach a point of clarity. Follow for ideas on why you should end a relationship.

Things can begin to feel better for you in just a few weeks or it could take several months or more. It really depends on the depth of the feelings you had for this person and how long the two of you were together. The good thing to remember is that what you’re going through is only temporary. It’s okay, though, to take your time and allow yourself as long as you need to grieve. You’ll come out of the process a much stronger person. Ending a relationship helps you to understand yourself in a different light so you’re better prepared the next time.