Online Dating: Just Dive Right In

Online dating can be a scary experience. With so many different sites and apps, how do you even know where to start? You could waste hours browsing profiles that aren’t your type or wind up with nothing at all if you don’t know what your type is. How do you find someone who’s looking for something serious when everyone just wants “fun?” And how much time should I spend on this site before giving up? These are all common questions women ask themselves when they first join an online dating site.

Dating Is A Numbers Game

For the most part, online dating should be considered a numbers game. You’re not going to find someone you click with on the first site, but there are some sites that offer better odds than others.

Some of the best online dating sites for women include:

Match – It’s one of the biggest and most successful matchmaking websites in the world;

PlentyofFish – One of the largest free online dating services available today; – Christian Mingle – A place where Christians can meet other single Christians;

eHarmony – An established relationship company that has an excellent track record when it comes to connecting people who want something real.

The bottom line is this: how much time you spend online looking for love will depend largely upon your expectations and the time that you are willing to devote to finding a match. Many women think it’s worth it to spend months on online dating before giving up.

How To Select A Dating Website

The best sites will give women access to more potential matches than others, so be sure you do your research before choosing one site over another. One of the biggest mistakes that people make when joining an online dating site is not knowing who their type guy really is. In other words, if you’re looking for someone who has certain qualities (maybe religion or family values), then choose a site that specializes in matching those types of people together. There are many online dating apps that focus on particular qualities or hobbies. If you have a specific hobby or interest, then these are the best apps for you.

Texting Before Meeting

Texting is a great option before meeting for first date and can give people time to get a feel of the others sense of humor or personality before actually meeting, but when texting it is important not go overboard with your flirting. Texts should be light-hearted and fun; never send anything inappropriate through text messages as this could lead you on an unwanted path that may result in you getting hurt emotionally or worse. Texting should give you the signs to know if he is interested in you before meeting.

A Photo To Boost Attention

A picture tells a thousand words so think hard about what you want to represent yourself as in your profile pic. Most men are not going to read your profile unless they are first attracted to you by what they see in your photo. Make sure your photo is well lit, clear and appropriately sized.

You may be asked to provide your height, weight or other personal stats when you fill out an online dating profile; weigh the pros and cons of providing this information before deciding whether it’s necessary for you. If you are comfortable with giving up this information then go ahead but if not leave it blank or else risk being overlooked by someone who is looking specifically for that type of person. A way around this dilemma would be to include a photo where they can see your full body.

Be honest in your profile because you goal is to meet this person. A cute photos with friends is a fast way to make him jealous. Lying about looks, hobbies or lifestyles will eventually catch up with you and could lead to a missed connection.

Sell Yourself Without Selling

Consider different ways of wording the same thing in your profile so that it’s not repetitive or boring, but also be mindful of how many pictures are on your page; too many will be overwhelming for someone scrolling through profiles they’re interested in. The more text there is on a profile, the less likely people will read it all which we know is bad news.

Spend time looking at other peoples’ profiles to understand what common things are discussed, how long they are and what tone they are written in.

The most important thing is to relax and have fun. Dating online is a great way to meet people you might never have crossed paths with in real life, and that’s not something there’s any shame in.