Our List of the Top Time-Saving On-Demand Apps

You don’t need an expert to tell you that engaging app users can be a challenge. A recent TechCrunch study reported that 1 in 4 app users do not return after their first use. It can be particularly challenging to keep your daily active user rate high when you’re facing a lot of competition in your field. This is truest for food delivery apps, professional service apps, and the eGift niche.

The biggest on-demand apps that are dominating the market are for transportation — particularly restaurant-to-door meal delivery services. However, commutes are only a small part of everyday lives, and ultimately people are striving for more balance. Working parents, but especially single-mothers, are the sort of people that benefit the most from time-saving apps, and along with trends like the growing superfood movement, are making their lives easier.


Don’t have the energy to cook a full meal after working a ten-hour shift? Food delivery services are the perfect alternative to scrambled eggs for dinner. Restaurants now have the option to offer delivery or have a third-party, like GrubHub, handle that service.

GrubHub has been around since 2004 and today is one of the top food ordering platforms in the US. Last year, it generated an excess of $5 billion in gross food sales for its participating restaurants.

While UberEats and Foodora are dominating in Canada, DoorDash is actually experimenting with what it calls “virtual restaurants”, and this could shake things up in a big way.

Creating an app for food delivery is an intricate thing, and app developers need to be aware of cutting-edge algorithms and logistics technology to match drivers with orders. If you have the next big on-demand app idea, click here to see the latest developments in professional mobile app design and development to help you get started.


From plumbing to pest control, all household maintenance falls under the category of professional services. The time and sanity saved hiring a professional in this industry are priceless. Fortunately for its users, Handy offers a variety of services for the home. Handy connects those looking for household services with third-party professionals in the area. They cover maintenance and repairs, as well as, home renovations and outdoor projects.


Did you forget to write someone’s birthday in your calendar, and now you need a last-minute gift delivered right to their doorstep? Unfortunately, this is not a unique situation. As a matter of fact, this happens so often that companies have been created to cater to your temporary memory loss.

Giftagram is a company whose app allows users to send a gift from their catalog of items. The ease of this app is that the user does not have to remember their contact’s address. Once Giftagram receives the order, they communicate with the recipient, and they confirm what address to deliver the gift.

Mobility is the future. Business owners should keep in mind that while desktop apps are still used, consumers are more likely to buy from their smartphone. If you’re looking to design the next big on-demand app, remember that convenience is key.