Peter Dvorak – Reasons to Learn That Musical Instrument During Lockdown

When this lockdown started I was chatting to my very dear friend Peter Dvorak about how we would plan on spending the quarantine. Peter was really inspiring here actually because he had this clear plan for what he was going to do, and I didn’t have much of an idea. Peter suggested that I pick up the guitar which has sat in my living room for the past 5 years, and finally learn how to play it. I took Peter’s advice and for the last 5 months I have been investing my time into becoming as good as possible on the guitar, using online resources and tutors to help me do it. If you have always wanted to learn an instrument, here is why now is the prefect time to do it. 

Perfect For Home

Unlike many there options you have in terms of learning something new, an instrument is the perfect thing to do at home. There is no need to go out and get things for this, you will not have to be with other people, you can simply stay safely at home and slowly learn your craft. Admittedly if there are others in the property then you will have to be respectful, but beyond that this is the ideal hobby to learn whilst at home. 


If you are sick and tired of reading books or watching movies then you may find that you don’t have that option of escapism, something which we all need during these tough, and downright strange times. what I have realized however is that I can get started on the guitar and after a short while I just drift away entirely, with no clue as to where the time has gone. This is because you just come so committed to what you are doing that you are only thinking about that, and not about the strange situation that we have all found ourselves in. 

When Better?

When Peter first suggested that I pick the guitar up and I said that I wasn’t sure, he quickly asked when exactly would be a better time for me to learn, and he was absolutely right. Very often when we want to learn new things we put them off for the ideal time’ well this is very much that ideal time. Think about it, you are at home, with little to do, boredom is just waiting for you and there is a need to fill the time, this is the perfect moment to learn that instrument you’ve always wanted to play. 


And finally there are more resources out there than ever before and at the touch of a button you can get video tutorials, materials that can help you play and plenty of literature which will guide you through the beginning of your playing. 

This is the very best time to pick up that instrument and make use of the digital world that we live in to learn .