Remi Landau – Top Tips For a Date Night At home

This has been a challenging year for us all and being forced to stay home for such a long time has had such a negative impact on so many of us. Whist this has been a difficult time for anyone who lives along of course, it has also been challenging for relationships, being on top of each other all day every day is a tough situation. Remi Landau is a relationship expert and has been discussing in a recent interview the importance of still making special time with your partner, even if you are going to be together all of the time. There is of course a big difference between spending time together working, and turning up the romance for something a little more special. When you do decide to have a date night, here are some tips to try.  

Getting Ready Apart 

It is important that even if you plan on being at home, that you dress up well for the occasion, to give the evening that special feel to it. If you are both able to, get dressed and prepared in different parts of the house and then meet up as if it were a date, all of this just gives your evening a more romantic edge than if you get ready together and then walk down stairs. You are trying to really create a mood here. 

Set Boundaries 

It may not sound overly romantic but you should probably look to set some boundaries with regards to what you are going to speak about. There is nothing that will kill the excitement more than discussing work or boring subjects that you may be conflicted about. Just map out out a couple of subjects which you decide not to discuss, and remember that this is about having fun and reconnecting with one another. 

Switching It Up

Don’t hesitate to do something out of the ordinary for you date night, this could mean heading out to the garden to look at the stars, creating a den on the floor in front of the television for your movie. Don’t put boring adult limits on what you are doing, throw the rules out the window and have some fun with your partner. A date night shouldn’t be stuffy, it should be fun, it should be a little whacky and you should both be able to use this time to really reconnect with one another. 

If you do cook then do so together so that you can spend more time with one another, if you don’t want too cook the make sure that you spend some extra money to get a delicious meal delivered and one that differs from your usual take-out. This is a special night and the food and the drinks will be ablate compliment that perfectly. 

The key to this is simply ensuring that you set some time apart to really spend with each other during these difficult times.