Peter Howe Michigan Attorney On How Lawyers Stay Passionate

Being a lawyer is far from an easy job, yet such is the profession, attorneys must constantly be focussed and dedicated to their craft, and at the heart of this is the passion which they have. So how exactly does an attorney maintain their passion for the position? We spoke with Peter Howe Michigan-based attorney on what it is that keeps him and his colleagues driven in their pursuit of success and ultimately, justice. Peter Howe is a great attorney who exemplifies discipline and hard work, and here is how he manages to stay passionate about what he does.

Early Days

Peter first begins by telling me the lessons which were instilled in him when he was studying at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law, the highly rated law school which he attended before heading back to his Michigan home to launch his career. Peter tells me that he had an excellent professor in the university, who, at 73 years of age, was still as passionate about the law as any of his students. Peter tells me that when he is faced with a crisis of passion, he thinks about his old professor and finds inspiration once again.


Interestingly Peter tells me that many an attorney will lose a little bit of passion after successive defeats for them personally or for their law firm. This is exactly why he tells me that a victory, in any form, is something which can kick start the passion again. Peter Howe talks about a recent slump which is firm had, before winning a relatively minor case against a board of directors, whilst the win was pretty small, the very fact that it was a victory was enough to give everyone the belief in what they are doing, and stoked the flames of passion which his team had.


Injustice is something which unfortunately exists everywhere and when an attorney sees any form of injustice, it generally invokes a passionate response. After all attorneys both here in Michigan and across the world are in the business in order to seek justice in all of its forms, if injustice exists, then this simply reinforces the fact that attorneys do such a great job where possible, and this too can ensure that an attorney maintains their passion for the job. The more injustice which Peter sees, the more that he wants to work harder to uphold the law.


For Peter Howe Michigan and its competition amongst law firms is never a driving factor behind what he does, nor is money, power or respect. Indeed he discussed at length with me how one of his largest motivating factors is looking into the eyes of someone who has been let down by the law, or someone who has been wronged. Peter tells me that knowing that he has the power as an attorney to fix issues of justice for the person in front of him, is one of the largest sources of passion which he has for the job.

Passion is key in any line of work, how do you stay passionate about your job?