Planning Your Epic Trip to Samaná, Dominican Republic

The Caribbean is filled with amazing countries that have some of the most beautiful tropical landscapes anywhere on the planet. Visitors come to this part of the world to relax, get close to nature, and to remind themselves of the finer things in life that are always only a plane ride away.

For a place in the Caribbean that you might not be considering, but that can provide you with great experiences and unforgettable memories, Samaná, Dominican Republic is the perfect destination. As a destination, it is can deliver all you require for a great vacation. Here are some tips to help you prepare for a Samaná vacation:

Book a Great Hotel

The best way to ensure that you have an epic time in Samaná is to book a great resort there. The ideal place for couples is the Luxury Bahia Principe Samaná. This romantic boutique resort is the perfect blend of comfort, privacy, and scenery and offers all-inclusive packages at many price points. The resort features coastal views of Samaná, a private pool, access to the beach, a private spa and restaurant, and even their own discotheque. In other words, when you come to the Luxury Bahia Principe Samaná, you might never leave the resort.

Bring Your Hiking Boots

There are so many great things to do in Samaná, For instance, Samaná has some of the most fantastic hiking in all of the Caribbean. The Bay is surrounded by large hills and forests that offer endless days of trekking. You can see a variety of wildlife and visit lakes and waterfalls that are only accessible by foot. Also, Samaná is small enough that you can make your way around by foot and never engage a taxi.

Get Ready for Some Great SeaFood

The seafood in Samaná is abundant and delicious. The locals make a variety of scrumptious dishes that combine Caribbean and European flavors creating a unique set of flavors that you will crave when you leave. Most of thesel dishes contain the local seafood which is always fresh.

Don’t Forget Your Camera

A Samaná vacation is one that deserves great pictures, so instead of just bringing your phone, buy a good camera if you do not own one. You will find opportunities nearly every minute of the day to take great shots of you and your loved ones. Also, Samaná is one of the breeding places of the humpback whale. Thousands of humpback whales come to the coast off Samaná from January to March to mate. The natural beauty and perfect sunsets will be constant reminders that you are in paradise and you will want to take those memories home with you in pictures. This is the perfect picture taking vacation. So again, bring a good camera.

Get Ready for Endless Sun

Samaná has an average temperature of 27°C (81°F) and has sunny days most of the year. So plan on light clothing, sunscreen, and of course be prepared to spend lots of time sunbathing, cooling off in the crystal clear ocean, or in the resort’s pool.

So to recap, when you come to Samaná be prepared to experience lots of sun, beautiful beaches with crystal clear light blue waters, untouched forests with seldom seen wildlife, wonderful food, dancing the night away, and absolutely no stress. You will have the time of your life.