Are You Worried Someone Will Steal Your Identity?

Most consumers think it is never going to happen to them.

Before you know it, someone has stolen your identity. When they have, they can do so much damage to both your personal and professional lives.

So, are you worried someone will steal your identity?

Take Preventative Steps to Lower the Chances

When you worried that someone may get a hold of your identity, will you take steps to lower the odds?

If you say yes, here are some pro-active measures you should consider taking:

1. Careful in public – Are you one who goes out to a restaurant or travels, only to leave a credit card sitting around? If so, you are asking for trouble. It only takes an identity theft thief seconds to get their hands on your personal financial info. When they do, havoc can ensue. Never leave your credit card sitting around when out in public. If you charge a meal or other item, be sure the cashier or person waiting on you has the receipt when you leave.

2. Be more cautious online – With all the time folks spend on the Internet, the web is a treasure-trove of info. With that in mind, be sure you do not give them any help with online miscues. Also make sure you always sign out of any account you are in online. A common mistake can be when you use a computer at a public library. You’re doing some online banking and decide to print something out. In the seconds it takes to go from the computer to the printer and back, someone’s swiped your online info. Treat the Internet with the utmost security.

3. I.D. theft protection – You’ve likely have seen ads for identity theft protection. When you have, did you consider getting one of them to protect your financial well-being? Take the time to compare some of them to see which one offers you the best protection. Once you’ve decided on one of them, sign up for protection. Having someone watching out for you will give you some peace of mind. This is key as you navigate your way through online and offline financial activities.

4. Knowing who your friends are – Last, it can be tempting at work to do a little online banking or shopping when on a break. Do your best to resist such temptations for a couple of reasons. First, you don’t want your employer thinking you are spending work time on personal matters you can do at home. Second, never give co-workers personal log-in info to your computer. This is especially true with banking and other personal items. You may think your best friend at work would never hurt you. As it turns out, when your guard is down, that is when you can be most vulnerable. Next thing you know, money is missing from your online banking account or worse.

If worried someone will steal your identity, are you doing all you can to thwart it?