Quick Guide to Jewelry Buying for Men

Jewelry for Men

If you are looking to buy your man some jewelry then you will no doubt have been racking your brains as to how to get the perfect piece. The first thing to mention here is that any man would be happy to be given some jewelry for their birthday or special occasion, so you should stay relaxed and remember that you are going to be buying something which they will love. Buying jewelry for men is a little different to buying it for women so here is a quick guide which may help you to get the perfect piece. 


Most men who wear jewelry don’t do it to be flash or to add another dimension to their outfit, in most cases they wear jewelry which has emotional or sentimental value. Because of this it is important that you try to keep things simple when you buy a chain. Whether you are buying sterling silver chain or looking at 9ct gold chains the rules are not to overcomplicate things, unless your man is particularly eccentric. When it comes to buying a chain you need to make sure that you get one which is easy to wear in terms of being light, highly durable and most importantly one which looks pretty sleek. If you do want to branch out a little then you can pick up a pendant or a charm to hang on the chain. 


When it comes to rings most men will wear their wedding ring only, and even then many of them complain that they don’t like it. Some men may opt for a sovereign ring to wear but in most cases they are a bit pricy to risk wearing out and about. With this in mind then, unless you know for a fact that your man likes rings, it is better to steer clear of them and put your money into something which they will get some use out of. 


For many years men would only really wear solid gold bands or copper bracelets around their wrists but this has been something which has changed massively in the last couple of decades. Thanks to designer pieces from the likes of Hermes and Louis Vuitton, there has been something of a surge in popularity of different types of bracelets amongst men. In fact men aren’t wearing too many metal pieces any more with bangles and leather strap-style bracelets taking over. If you partner doesn’t already wear jewelry then this is a great place to start, bracelets are easy to wear, they are not restrictive and most importantly they are stylish pieces which can accentuate an outfit.  My view would be that if you are in any doubt as to what to buy your man, go for a bracelet! 

The key to buying men’s jewelry pieces is to keep things nice and simple, classy and stylish, do that and you’ll be on to a winner.