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Richard Soper – Reasons Why We Must Treat Our Doctors Better

In many parts of the world there is a lack of respect towards doctors which they do not deserve. This perhaps isn’t something that happens in person, but the way in which we are treating our medical community in terms of what they are expected to do is far from how it should be. My good friend Richard Soper has been a doctor for many years and he has seen how the healthcare industry has changed, and how so many politicians use this as some kind of football during debates and questions around healthcare. ultimately however, these men and women deserve fair treatment and all of our respect, and here is why.

Personal Sacrifice

It is easy for a government to make cuts to the health service because they just don’t see what the real consequences are. Doctors are working an absurd amount of hours and the result of this on their lives is that they must sacrifice humungous portions of their own personal time. We have doctors who’s marriages are falling apart, doctors who are missing out on their children growing up and doctors who aren’t able to attend special events. They do all this because they took an oath and they understand how important their jobs are, they don’t complain about this as it is expected to be just ‘part of the job’. Given the work that these men and women do this should not be part of the job and we have to give fair treatment and support.


The things that doctors do and see each and every day is more than many of us could possibly cope with and this is why they deserve the time and support that they need to be at their best. People like my friend Richard Soper are not robots, they are highly intelligent and outstanding men and women who deserve to be treated with the highest respect that we can give them. We should be supporting these medical professionals far more given then job that they have.


Much like all of the emergency services, where would we be without doctors? How many patients would die within days if these incredible men and women couldn’t help? Our world would look very dark without doctors and this is yet another reason why we have to start getting back to giving them the support, financially and emotionally that they deserve. There are many areas where costs can be cut, our healthcare services should never be one of those areas.


It doesn’t matter how good you are at your job, being over worked and tired will result in your performance levels dropping, and the same thing can be said for doctors who, after all, are human too. There is a big difference between the performance levels of a mechanic dropping and the performance levels of a doctor, and the consequences can be catastrophic.

It is high time we have these wonderful professionals all of the support that they require.