Seven Ways How Greyhound Racing as A Sport Has Changed Today

The whole entertainment industry has changed drastically with regards to animal-based sports of the world over. Every racing sport using animals for the same is expected to take the utmost care of those animals. They are bred for a specific industry purpose, so they are treated with proper respect and professionalism. To maintain their credibility animal owners and trainers care them properly and professionally in a controlled environment.

Many young and healthy greyhounds that are part of the racing track are worth millions. These greyhounds are encouraged to run faster after the mechanical bunny. As per the animal welfare laws, greyhounds are systemically receiving the duty of care. In various countries, plenty of greyhounds don’t get registered. Visit the website and get to know more about the record of Greyhounds.

Greyhound racing has changed drastically in recent years, even resembling sighthounds of the older times. Below we are mentioning how Greyhounds found their places in certain parts of the world and impacted the racing world.

  • In Egypt, modern greyhounds were used in hunting and kept as family members.
  • Even in the Bible, the only breed of dog mentioned is the greyhound.
  • In Ancient Greece and Rome, there were short-haired hounds virtually identical to modern greyhounds, and their primary function was to thrill humans with their agility, speed, and intelligence.
  • The Romans used hounds for coursing which is not to catch the hare but to enjoy the chase itself.
  • In Arab Tradition, greyhounds are used as a hunting dog to hunt gazelle, hare, bustard, jackal, fox, and wild ass.
  • Middle Age countries bred greyhounds for the nobility. Only aristocrats could own greyhounds during that period.
  • Greyhounds were specially bred and trained in the continents of Europe and Asia. They even originated sports for nobles and the clergy.

How Greyhound Racing has changed until today

  1. Original greyhounds were mostly grey, so their name stuck based on the colour of the hound.
  2. By the sixteenth century, the world had changed significantly, and many more people were able to own game dogs such as greyhounds.
  3. During the Eighteenth Century, horse racing went public and became very popular with the public. Crossbred greyhounds were used in racing because of their greater stamina. Even breeders chose dogs of great pedigree.
  4. The 19th century witnessed the high popularity of greyhound racing as people with wealth enjoyed such activities. By the second half of the century, it became a premier attraction of track racing. 
  5. The 20th century saw Greyhounds hunting down coyotes who were destroying livestock. Greyhounds were used as scouts by the US cavalry to keep up with the horses.
  6. In some years, coursing turned into a business, and dogs were registered promptly. The courses were 800 yards long while 3-mile courses were stopped. Track racing came into existence to keep the dogs from trampling each other. And this racing is now considered a sport.
  7. A mechanical lure was invented for Greyhound racing that became very popular with the working classes of the US and UK.  

In the present situation, after the coronavirus lockdown eases, the greyhound racing sports business is expected to change a lot. This racing industry is sure to bounce back with compliance of protocols as the sport itself could be run behind closed doors. Hopefully, people who didn’t have an interest in greyhound racing will have renewed interest owing to the increased reach provided by online trends. In terms of the betting industry, one expects it to pose a united front and will work together to build a zone for these sporting events.