Shiftsmart – Why Remote Working Will Be The Future of Employment

It has been a long held view that eventually remote working would take over from most workplaces and the reality is that over the last 12 months this process has very much been expedited. Naturally owing to the lockdowns following the pandemic, many people have been forced to work from home. The benefits which employers have seen from this is why this will now become the future of working for so many companies. Naturally there are always jobs like building or maintenance positions which will always remain traditional, but here are the benefits which remote working brings.

Lower Costs

There is absolutely no doubt that having a workforce which works from home comes at a much lower cost to the employer. There will be no rental fees to pay on offices, no energy to cover, no cleaners, no cooking staff and no reason to shell out on anything much more than salaries. Many will discuss the idea of face to face meetings which many like to have, but the employer can simply pay out for a co-working membership where this can take place. Even if the employer were to increase the employee’s salary so that they can cover energy and interest costs, they would still save money.

Happier Staff

The only thing which doesn’t make staff happy from this scenario is the lack of working face to face with their colleagues. Again however this can be remedied rough co-working memberships. Many staff who work from home are happy according to a study by remote working company ShiftSmart. Thanks to working from home employees don’t have to pay fees or invest time in the daily commute. Employees are also able to have much more flexibility around their work/life balance and they have also commented on how comfortable they feel within this kind of working environment.

Increased Productivity

For many years employers felt that if they had staff who were working from home that they would be far less productive and much more distracted. The reality however, as proven in the last 12 months, is that staff are in fact much more productive than when they are in the workplace. This is in part because they are happier but it is also down to the fact that they are comfortable and therefore more focused.

Better Project and Staff Management

Another aspect of remote working which few employers considered is that having everyone working from home is actually easier to manage. Thanks to improved software, managing staff is incredibly simple. This is because of the fact that they are able to chart everyone’s status and movements through a single dashboard. This not only makes staff easier to manage but projects also become much simpler to manager throughout the process.

There is little doubt that in the coming months and years, we will see a huge rise in the number of employers which offer their staff remote working as standard.