Simple Techniques That Will Make You A Better Driver

Cars are complex machines, and if not operated correctly, they can cost a life. The main reason for road accidents lack skills and the mistakes of drivers. If you are a beginner, you can get your driving lessons by selecting driving instructor online through EZlicence.

If you already know driving, then you can go for advanced driving courses or you can self-polish your driving skills. There are many easy tips and tricks, which can make your driving experience smooth. This article is a must to read because it will tell you the “Simple Techniques That Will Make You A Better Driver”.

Keep your eyes on the road

A statistic research report by the zebra in 2019 concludes that distracted driving is the leading cause of fatal crashes, having reported a factor of 8.5%. Therefore, to become a good driver, it is very important to keep yourself away from distractions, including cell phones, talking, eating or changing music stations.

Looking ahead helps you in observing how many cars are in front of your car, and what is their speed? When you have an idea about it, then you can easily maintain your car speed.

Adjust your focal point, which means that you should be moving your eyes every few seconds to observe the surrounding situation. 

If you keep staring at the car in front of your car, there are chances that you will lose connection with the environment. Due to the focus on one object, you can lose control of car speed as well.  

Know your car

It might sound a little basic, but it is very important to know about every part of your car. We have heard people saying that they are most comfortable in driving their car. Yes! It is true because your mind and hands are set to your car, you have practice on it, and you know how every part works.

While driving your brain and body works together. It takes a few days and some practice to get used to a new car. It is not only about basic handlings like steering, accelerator, gear, and brakes, but you should also know about other things like indicators, fog lights, and hazard lights.

Become a parking expert

When I was learning driving, the most difficult thing, I found was parking. It becomes even worse when the parking area is crowded, and you have to park your car in between other cars. It is easy to drive a car on a straight road, but it is very difficult to park it.

Always be confident while parking your car. The steering, clutch, brake, and accelerator should be in your control during car parking. You will require extra efforts and practice for parallel parking because it is the most tricky and difficult type of parking. When you become a parking expert, you will only require a few seconds even for parallel parking. 

Distance between cars

It is quite important to maintain the distance between cars. When the distance is very less, it can lead towards drastic accidents because as the front car will apply sudden brakes, the car on the back hits it. 

There should be an average time distance of 4-10 seconds between two cars so that when any car applies brakes, the driver can get some time to handle the situation. If the focal point not adjusted, it can lead to distance reduction between vehicles.

Perfect mirror adjustments

You should adjust your side mirrors in a way that you can see the area around your car rather than adjust them to look at the edge of the vehicle. You can see the edge with the rear mirror, but side mirrors are to give you an idea of your car’s surroundings.

You should make a habit of looking in the mirrors even just a few seconds, which will help in improving your driving skills. 

No more over speeding

The speed limit for urban areas is 50 km/h and other than that; you can drive at a speed of 1000km/h, which you should never exceed. People, especially youngsters, find over speeding cool but in actual over speeding is among the main reasons for car accidents.

There are speed limits for residential areas, main roads, and motor highways if you will cross them, you are going to get a ticket, or you can end up in a drastic accident. 

Start defensive driving

Defensive driving is a skilled driving option in which you find solutions for yourselves rather than being a part of the problem. For example, if you know, route A has traffic on it, so you will choose route B to reach your destination. This will save your time, energy and sometimes even your life. 

Grip on steering

Steering is the part of your car that helps in changing the direction, but your distractions or shivering hands can cause direction change in the middle of the road. You should hold the steering wheel properly to prevent such situations.

Stay alert

While driving, you should never be sleep deprived or distracted. You should stay alert not only on the road or the front car but also on the surrounding cars, environment so that you can save yourself from any life-threatening situation.

Proper wheel turning

During small turnings, make sure you turn the vehicle wheels first and then press the accelerator to change the direction of the vehicle in the first attempt. Otherwise, you will have to make several attempts.  

High beams

While driving a car in the dark rainy nights, you may encounter a high beam of light from the vehicle moving in the opposite direction. In this situation, you can lose focus for a few seconds, so make sure at that time you look somewhere else. 

Do not be in a rush

Rushing leads towards over speeding. Therefore, leave a little earlier to avoid such a situation. 

Pro in brake application

Driving is not about how fast you can drive on empty roads or grounds; rather, skilled drivers should know how to drive a car in jam packed-traffic. When you are learning driving, you should practice on brake application. If you will be an expert in brake application trust be you can save yourself from horrific accidents.

Backward driving

You should know the distance measuring. Backward driving is very important on which most people do not have command. Therefore, practice slow steadily and make yourself an expert in it.

Develop patience

The most difficult thing in today’s world is to develop patience. Many people become aggressive about parking and traffic issues. If everyone is following the wrong path, do not follow them; rather, you should stay calm and do defensive driving.


Driving is the game of practice, the more you will practice, and the better will be your driving skills. It is the responsibility of every citizen to drive safe for his or her safety and the safety of others.