Steve Sorensen Select Staffing – Why a Wooden Staff Can Really Enhance Your Hiking Trip

I try to go hiking at least once per month and I have done ever since my younger days in the scouts. Around 3 years ago, my wife bought me a gift for my 40th, a wooden staff from the excellent Steve Sorensen Select Staffing, the walking staff was beautiful and made with strong and flexible Ash wood. I must be honest, I did turn my nose up slightly when I received this gift as I always had it in my head that these wooden staffs were to help the older generation when they went away hiking. In an effort to spare my wife’s feelings, I took it with me on my next hiking trip and I have never looked back. If you are of the same opinion as I was about walking staffs, here at just of the reasons why I think that all ages should be using this piece of kit.

Walking Support

The first of the reason why I love a staff is the additional support which you get when you are walking for a long period of time. There is no nobility in causing yourself problems when hiking long distances and the staff can really help to take the pressure off your joints and your knees. Equally, when you are feeling the tiredness kick in and you still have 10 miles left to go, that staff can really help to give you the additional push that you need to complete your journey.


I cannot tell you just how many uses I have found for the staff since I have began using it, away from simply using it as a walking aid. Just last month my tent collapsed in high winds and I was able to use the staff as a makeshift tent pole. I have used the staff for placing pots on when cooking over an open fire and I have even used it to carry my bags along with a friend. You will find a thousand different uses for a wooden staff when you start using one and it always comes in handy in the strangest of moments.


Whether you like it or not, accidents can happen when you are on a hiking trip and if someone damages their leg and is a long way from help, the staff can act as a crutch for them. I read a story just last week about someone who was able to create a makeshift splint for their friend who broke their arm and they were ale to do so with the walking staff that he was using. Nobody wants to think about what may happen in an emergency but if you are using a wooden staff then you can be safe in the knowledge that you have ways in which to help anyone who may run into trouble.

Staffs are not just for the older generation, they are really fro everyone and with so many uses, there is no reason not to go and get your hands on one.