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Tatiana Regan – A Friend That You Need In Your Life


Have you ever sat down and considered what kind of friends you have? Whether or not they are helping you in your life? I have never needed to thankfully because I have a great friend in Tatiana Regan who I value very much indeed. There are so many ways in which Tatiana is a great friend and to be honest I measure any other friends that I have by her standards. When I speak about friends, I am referring to your closest and not to your acquaintances. You closest friends should be held to account and this is why I am so blessed to count Tatiana Regan as one of my closest.


One of the most important features of a close friend is that they care about you, and I mean genuinely care about you. This is something which I have always felt from Tatiana and whenever I need someone to care about my life it is usually her. Tatiana remembers the details, she always thinks of me, she calls me up after a bad day and she celebrates with me when things go well. A great friend should always be on hand to care about you and because of the fact that this is how she is with me, I too am the same with her.


Something which I really love about the way that Tatiana is with me is that she will give me a kick up the butt when it is necessary and that makes me a far better person. Just last year there was a job which I fancied but didn’t really feel as though I would have a chance of getting it. Tatiana Regan is someone who has always reminded me that I should know my worth and that is why she forced me to go for this job, a job in which I have just completed my first year. Tatiana understands what I can and can’t do and she is a great person for motivating me to be the best person that I can be.


I have long believed that a great friend should add value to your life, if they are unable to do this then I would call them an acquaintance rather than a friend. I respect and admire Tatiana a great deal and this means that much of who she is as a person, at least the good bits, have rubbed off on me over time. I am a far more compassionate person than I ever have been thanks to Tatiana, I have a lot more focus and drive because of her and the truth of the matter is that Tatiana Regan and the friendship which we have together, has made me a far better person than I would be without her in my life.

Friends should be there for you, they should care, and they should add value to your life, just like Tatiana Regan does for me.