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Practicing Self-Love: 6 Masturbation Myths and Misconceptions, Debunked

Have you ever heard the joke that around 98 percent of people masturbate? The other two percent are simply lying about it.

Even though we can confidently assume that most people have masturbated before, there are so many masturbation myths that suggest we shouldn’t.

These myths always say that masturbation can do terrible things. You may hurt yourself or others, they say. 

If you want to discover more about these myths about masturbation, you should check out our debunking of the myths below.

Myth 1 – Masturbation Harms Your Genitals

You have probably already heard about the rumor that masturbating could cause damage to your genitals. When a man strokes his penis or a woman plays with herself, this isn’t going to do any harm. 

Your genitals have sensitive nerve endings. But, that doesn’t mean that they’ll fragile things.

These tough organs are prepared for rough sex. You probably won’t harm yourself by simply rubbing yourself. 

How often do you masturbate? Once or twice per week? Everyday?

There isn’t a magic number for healthy masturbation. You can beat off as much as you desire. They are your genitals. 

But, if you find that you are hurting yourself, you could be rubbing too hard. You should probably cut down.

Or maybe, you can grease the masturbation with some lubricant. This can even be some saliva or vegetable oil if you don’t have any store-bought lubricant to hand.

Myth 2 – Masturbation Causes Mental Health Disorders

The only evidence that masturbation causes mental health disorders is that many people develop a sense of guilt.

They are constantly told that what they do is wrong and unnatural. Even accused of sinful or immoral behavior.

This can cause untold psychological problems throughout life. And yet, the myth that stroking yourself can make you go insane is unfounded.

Of course, just as with anything, you need to be aware that masturbation can become an addiction.

But, this isn’t dissimilar to how people become obsessed with health and fitness. No sensible person would suggest that we should cease working out because it could cause anxiety.

Despite this, if you find that masturbation begins to invade every aspect of your life, you may need to speak with a therapist about this.

Myth 3 – Masturbation Can Empty You

Some people say that masturbation is a waste. They say when you have jacked off, that’s an orgasm that you don’t get back. As though you have discarded sperm into the tissue for nothing. 

You may believe that every sperm is sacred for religious reasons. However, there is no evidence that you can empty yourself sexually.

There is plenty of sexual pleasure to go around. You don’t get given a specific number of orgasms for your lifetime, thankfully.

You have as many or as few as you desire. Men can constantly keep producing sperm. While women may have an even greater capacity for orgasms than men.

Myth 4 – Women Are Ruined After Masturbation

The myths about men and masturbation have been plentiful. But, that doesn’t even slightly compare with the stigma around female pleasure. 

The number of women who routinely masturbate is significantly lower compared with men. Just over 7% of women under 24 masturbate weekly, while the figure is more 20% for men. 

Nevertheless, the myth that a woman can be “destroyed” or “ruined” for sex if she masturbates is inaccurate and ridiculous.

The nipples and clitoris respond to stimulation irrelevant of the source. Whether it’s a penis, a finger or a vibrator the sensation is similar.

In fact, many women find that vibrators are the most effective for reaching climax. If you haven’t already experimented with a vibrator, you should check it out!

Most importantly, the frequency and intensity of masturbation for women have zero impact on their capacity to orgasm.

Moreover, by exploring themselves sexually, many women discover a lot about themselves. This self-knowledge can actually result in improved sex with others.

Myth 5 – Vibrators Cause Addiction to Masturbation

Many women pleasure themselves with vibrators. But, this doesn’t cause addiction to the device. There is an important difference between enjoying regularly using your vibrator and developing an obsession with it.

If a woman needs a vibrator in order to achieve climax, that’s perfectly normal. You definitely don’t need to worry about it.

In fact, many people bring the vibrator and other sex toys into their sex life together. Once you bring in some positive vibrations, you’ll never look back on your sex life before toys.

Myth 6 – Masturbation Is Cheating

Masturbation is an important part of our sexuality. Most people experience sexual discovery with themselves before they do with anyone else. It’s part of growing up!

There is no reason to be confused or upset if your partner masturbates. This isn’t a betrayal of your relationship or bond. They are simply exploring themselves.

For many couples, masturbation is simply another part of the sex life they share together and have independently.

Do you like to watch pornography or use your imagination when masturbating? You should check out the newest videos to stimulate you when you’re feeling horny on your own. 

Masturbation Myths

You don’t have to believe the nonsensical myths about masturbation. Many of the above masturbation myths are as old as time itself.

There’s nothing wrong or unhealthy about beating one off by yourself. That’s your right to enjoy yourself.

Now you know the truth, you can ignore these debunked myths about masturbation. For more fun and interesting lifestyle tips, check out our website!