The Best Cigar Brands in the World

Choosing the best cigar brands is usually a daunting task considering that there are plenty of cigar manufacturers in the market. However, when it comes to selecting the best brand, there are a few factors to consider such as the cigar filler, size, and flavor. This article looks at some of the top Cigar brands in the world that offer the best value for money.


This particular brand is one of the best in the world since it features a Cuban heritage flavor with a well-crafted composition. Pardon cigar is famous for its tobacco that comes in various flavors such as earthy, creamy, dark, peppery, and spicy. Another great thing that makes this cigar stand out is its unique flavors strengths that come either strong, mild, or subtle.

San Cristobal

San Cristobal cigar brand is another popular one thanks to its distinctive blend variety which includes the annual limited edition, the 91- rated Elegancia,92- rated Revelation, 93- rated San Cristobal, and the 94- rated Quintessence. Some of the spices used on this cigar that make it among the top brands include espresso, cocoa, hickory, and earth.


Baccarat cigar brand has been around for over a century and is also a force to reckon with. Their cigars have a smooth taste of creamy flavor varieties to choose from and also a combination of nutmeg and cocoa with a toasted wheat finishing. Baccarat cigars are light and have a body strength ranging from mild to medium, usually created from blending a Connecticut shade wrapper with a Cuban seed filler.


Another popular cigar brand known for its unique taste having 7 distinctive blends is none other than Aston. Among the best-tasting cigars, blends include the 91-rated Ashton Cabinet Selection, 92-rated Ashton Aged Maduro, 94-rated Ashton Heritage, 94-rated Ashton VSG, 94-rated Ashton ESG, and the 94-Ashton Symmetry. In other words, Ashton is a cigar brand with a signature taste of creamy Dominican aroma and flavors.


Cohiba is one of the luxurious cigar brands known for its fine quality. The tobacco seeds used are bred by agronomists who handpick the finest to attain one of the best-flavored cigars. The tobacco leaves are world-class since they undergo further fermentation after being picked. As a result, Cohiba has a smooth refined flavor that makes it among the best cigar brand in the world.


Renowned for its well-balanced blend, multiple flavors, and unique aroma, Montecristo is definitely among the top cigar brands in the world. They sell one of the most popular Habanos cigars that come in a wide variety, ranging from peppery aftertaste to coffee flavors.


Whether you’re searching for the best Cuban cigars in UK or somewhere else, one thing is certain, the brands mentioned above live up to the hype. Each brand has a wide range of high-quality cigars that come in different flavors and strengths too. In other words, smokers are usually spoilt for choice when it comes to the best-wrapped premium cigars.