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The Unique Health Benefits of Canada’s ACMPR License

If you live in Canada and you’ve always dreamt of having your own cannabis grow operation, now is the time to do it. The government recently passed the Cannabis Act, which allows Canadians in nearly every province to grow their own plants from home. The only problem with the new laws is that they only allow for 4 plants, which is entirely not worth it. 

Luckily, there’s a way to get around this “4 homegrown plants” rule, and it all starts with a visit to Cannabis Growing Canada is a consulting agency that specializes in assisting Canadians to increase their plant counts. You might be wondering how exactly this is possible. Well, there’s something called the ACMPR program, which allows citizens to cultivate upwards of 500 plants at home with a medical license to grow. 

Maybe you’re thinking to yourself, but I don’t have a medical ailment that requires the use of cannabis. You might be surprised to find that you actually do. Medical marijuana is a Godsend when it comes to treating nearly any medical condition in the book. Even if you’re suffering from stress at work like the majority of the population, cannabis can help. Here you can read about a few unique health benefits of this miracle drug that you probably didn’t know about. 

Cannabis Has the Potential to Prevent Alzheimer’s Disease

This potential benefit is still being researched, but all of the scientific findings so far are pointing to cannabis as a preventative measure against Alzheimer’s Disease. The THC is to thank for this; THC slows down the formation of something called amyloid plaques, which is the root cause of the disease. 

Cannabis Can Slow the Growth of Cancerous Cells

Not only can cannabis help with the horrific symptoms of cancer and chemo, such as nausea and depression, but it can actually slow the growth and spread of cancerous cells. Researchers believe that this medical benefit comes about from CBD’s ability to turn off a gene called ID-1. ID-1 plays a huge role in the spread of cancer, so by turning it off cannabis is essentially able to stop cancer growth altogether. 

Cannabis Can Dramatically Reduce Epileptic Seizures

Lifehack says that a recent study found that “THC controls seizures by binding the brain cells responsible for controlling excitability and regulating relaxation.” Even patients on the verge of heart failure from a high frequency of seizures have been able to live normal lives thanks to cannabis. 

Strains high in CBD are ideal for a seizure disorder called Dravet Syndrome, specifically, a strain called Charlotte’s Web. Charlotte’s Web has saved many lives, including a little girl named Charlotte Figi, which is how the strain got its name. 

Cannabis Can Reverse the Harmful Effects of Smoking Tobacco

A lot of people assume that smoking cannabis is harmful to the lungs, similar to smoking cigarettes. Recent studies are showing exactly the opposite. Actually, cannabis smokers have a much greater lung capacity than the average person. Tobacco smokers, on the other hand, experience major lung degeneration over time.