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These Are Some Dangers Contractors Face When Working with Concrete

There are many good reasons for you to hire a team of professional concrete contractors for your job rather than manage it yourself by renting tools from the local hardware store. A good contractor will do the job correctly, quickly, and avoid costly structural damage. They’ll also be insured and certified.

However, one of the most overlooked reasons to hire a professional is safety. Many homeowners suffer from injuries while working with concrete because they underestimate the challenges involved with concrete cutting. That’s why they look for concrete companies that are skilled, experienced, and have excellent safety standards.

Here are some of the dangers contractors face when working with concrete and how they counter them:

#1 Injury to the Eyes

Whenever concrete is cut, dust and fragments are released in the air. If this hits the naked eye at the wrong angle, it can result in redness, burns, or even permanent vision impairment. That’s why professionals are equipped with eye protection when they cut concrete. These goggles are a snug fit and are washed regularly to minimize exposure.

Although some contractors wear contact lenses while working, others avoid them if they can help it. Despite a contractor’s best efforts, accidents can happen. That’s why they’re trained to wash their eyes quickly and thoroughly with clean water in case of exposure and until help arrives.

#2 Injury to Their Limbs

Concrete is a stubborn substance and requires powerful tools like jackhammers, saws, and demolition tools to be broken. Such high-energy equipment needs to be handled carefully. Although professionals wear hard hats and steel toe waterproof boots, this isn’t enough.

Contractors train for a long time before they master their tools. In the wrong hands, a concrete drill or concrete-cutting saw can result in serious bodily harm. Many contractors work in teams to improve their efficiency. Working in teams is also helpful in case of emergencies.

#3 Injury to Their Skin

Contractors wear gloves, long sleeve shirts, and full-length pants to protect their skin. They’re also trained to minimize exposure to concrete dust and to cover any cuts and scrapes. If injured skin is exposed to the chromium in cement, it can result in painful symptoms.

Remember, concrete dust becomes more hazardous when it is exposed to moisture. Wet concrete can cause skin burns. The quandary for contractors is that they need to cool down their tools with water. That’s why they’re especially mindful around wet concrete. They also know to avoid eating, drinking, or taking a bathroom break near concrete dust.

#4 Injury to the Lungs

Sometimes, complex machinery is required to complete a job. This machinery can release harmful gases such as carbon monoxide. Some contractors wear self-contained breathing apparatus if the area is poorly ventilated. Fortunately, many newer tools are electric and emit zero fumes.

Contractors also take precautions to avoid crystalline silica, which can result in breathing problems and lung disease. Contractors protect themselves from this dust by wearing respirators and minimizing exposure.

These are some of the hazards contractors face when working with concrete. That’s why it’s important to leave the concrete cutting to the professionals. Moreover, it’s advisable to hire a professional who’s trained, experienced, and equipped to handle any challenge.