Tips for PRINCE2 Projects with Reluctant Business Areas

PRINCE2 Projects

It can be incredibly frustrating when you come across a business area where the people appear to be reluctant to accept your project. You may know exactly how it is going to benefit them but what can you do if they simply don’t seem to want what you are preparing for them?

In a lot of cases, this sort of issue can come down to poor communication on your part or a misunderstanding somewhere along the line. Thankfully, by following the PRINCE2 methodology you can make a case for getting them fully on your side.

Show Them the Full Benefits

One of the key elements of PRINCE2 projects is the way that you need to plan effectively right at the very beginning. This means that you should know early on what benefits you are going to bring and when they will be introduced.

Yet, is it possible that the business team just doesn’t know what they are going to be getting at the end of it? They may feel that there isn’t anything in your piece of work that is going to be of help to them if this is the case.

Therefore, it is vital that you show them exactly what they are going to gain from the work that you carry out. It is possible that they love the project once they fully understand the ways in which it is going to make life easier for them.

Ask for Opinions and Ideas

Another common problem is when a business team feels that they are having something imposed on them. This is a negative feeling that is likely to grow over time if you don’t give them a chance to provide any feedback.

It is worth remembering at this stage that communication is also a huge part of running PRINCE2 projects. If you don’t communicate well with the people who are affected by your work then you might find that they aren’t so keen on it.

As well as providing regular updates, a great way of keeping them all onside is by asking for opinions and ideas. You might find that you also get some interesting thoughts in this way that help you to proceed in the right direction.  

Get Business Area Users Involved in Testing

The testing phase is when everything should come together. A successful testing phase will give you a tremendous amount of confidence that you have done everything in the right way up till now.

This means that it is a great time to bring in some end users to help out your team. Naturally, they will be intrigued by the thought of what you are doing and should appreciate the chance to get involved before it goes live.

You might also find that some end users become keen to take their PRINCE2 London and join your project team permanently. The combination of project knowledge and business experience is a wonderful addition to any PRINCE2 team.

Answer All Questions Professionally

Lastly, you shouldn’t ever take your business area users for granted. This may not always be the easiest relationship to maintain but it is important that you stay professional in your dealings with them at all times.

Whether it is in project meetings or when you send out updates, you need to show that you are working hard on their behalf and are keen to give them a solution that they are happy with.

If you stick to these principles then you should find that it becomes a whole lot easier to work with the end users without there being any problems at all.