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What to Look for in the Best Cannabis Pain Relief Cream

Millions of Americans deal with ongoing pain. Whether we are talking about sports injuries, neuropathy, gout, or arthritis, crippling pain is something that plagues a sizable chunk of our population. While some people seek physical therapy, others take addictive prescription painkillers, and some even resort to alternative medicine and meditation. But there is another way to seek relief from pain. Finally, people are learning about the best cannabis pain relief cream with terpenes that will help sooth the pain and trauma felt by the body. This article is intended to help people suffering from pain, as well as medical professionals and spa owners, learn what to look for in the best cannabis pain relief cream.

First Things First: How does Cannabis Pain Relief Cream Work?

Cannabis pain relief cream contains CBD which bypasses the CB1 and CB2 receptors making its way directly to a neurotransmitter that repels signals that trigger pain and itchiness by working through anandamide and 2-AG agents. Stepping around the CB1 and CB2 receptors indicates that CBD and muffle pain minus the elevated sensation that THC is known to deliver.

The Best Cannabis Pain Relief Cream is Developed and Produced by Doctors

Unfortunately, many subpar creams containing cannabis are mass produced by cosmetics companies–the same brands that make bubble bath, lipstick, and eyeliner. On the other hand, the best cannabis pain relief cream is made by doctors who specialize in pain relief. Companies like Gaard Labs formulate science-backed cannabis pain relief cream that has the right terpenes to muffle pain receptors, allowing people to live a higher quality of life without experiencing crippling pain. The cannabis pain relief cream offered by Gaard Labs is approved by the Medical and Scientific Advisory Board, and is supported and recommended by a wide range of doctors.

Only the Finest Ingredients are in the Best Cannabis Pain Relief Cream

It is important to select cannabis pain relief cream containing the best terpenes and that uses all natural, pure ingredients. For example, Gaard Labs was approved to be considered a highly sought after CBD research partner by the New York State Department of Agriculture, and when state bodies such as this are in pursuit of teaming up with brands that make cannabis pain relief cream, you have good evidence supporting the quality of the ingredients found within the cannabis pain relief cream.

The Best Cannabis Pain Relief Creams are not Found at Your Big Box Drug Store Chains

Any cannabis pain relief you buy off the shelf at a big box drug store chain will be poor quality and worthless. Any respected brand would never sell their product at a store when you can also buy canned soup and cat litter. Instead, chiropractors, physical therapists, wellness spas, and alternative medicine centers are the places to turn to when searching for the best all natural cannabis pain relief cream. After all, you aren’t going to find a Lamborghini for sale at a used car lot in some small town out in the middle of nowhere; you will find the finer things in life at unique, boutique shops, and this is very true for cannabis pain relief cream that’s effective and made from science backed data and the finest ingredients.