6 Magically Amazing Disney Vacation Club Perks

If you’re reading this sentence, you’re probably dreaming about enjoying a Disney vacation!

You can enjoy theme parks, resorts, shows, and unlimited access to Disney films and TV shows!

But, of course, you worry about breaking your bank over a Disney vacation!

Luckily, there’s a way where you can enjoy all that Disney offers without losing your wallet.

It’s called the Disney Vacation Club (DVC) and it lets you accumulate points to enjoy exclusive perks at Disney resorts and parks.

Here are the Disney Vacation Club perks you should know about.

1. Exclusive Perks

The best perks are the perks that members of an exclusive club enjoy! For example, you can get free or discounted tickets for Disney shows. These can include parades or Cirque du Soleil performances or concerts.

You’ll get to go on exclusive park tours reserved for DVC members. For example, you’ll explore the parks with a tour guide.

This tour guide will teach you about the history of the park, its current projects, and future opportunities.

If you’re a true Disney fan, you’ll love to learn about the company’s history. These tours will help you learn more about Walt Disney and his vision for the company.

You’ll also learn about the current management and what they plan for Disney’s future.

You’ll also get early access to many popular rides. When a new ride launches, DVC members are among the first to experience it.

There are also more conveniences that DVC members have such as free parking at many parks and resorts. You might even get exclusive parking spaces at some parks and resorts.

2. You’ll Get Discounts

Another great feature of DVC membership is that you’ll get discounts at almost every Disney excursion.

As a DVC member, every time you buy something from Disney you’ll accumulate points.

After you accumulate enough points, you can redeem them for discounts. You’ll find that these generous discounts will help you spend more time at Disney resorts and parks.

A few discounts can mean 1 or 2 extra days enjoying your Disney vacation!

You’ll also get discounts on restaurants at any Disney park or resort. You can also find discounts on Disney merchandise.

Discount rates range from 10% to 25% depending on where you shop or eat.

For further discounts, you should visit Disney during the off-season. During this time, prices are generally lower.

You’ll get automatic savings plus an additional discount from your DVC membership.

You can also buy points through a DVC resale. This lets you buy points from existing members without having to first accumulate points at Disney.

3. Your Dining Plans

One of the biggest expenses that you’ll face is your dining costs. Whether this is at your resort or a park, you can easily empty your wallet on food and beverages.

With the DVC membership, you can sign up for a meal plan. This reserves meals for you each day at certain restaurants. These restaurants will be at different resorts as well as parks.

Meal plans are available for both cheaper restaurants and high-end restaurants.

You can also get generous discounts for luxury dining and beverages including wine and champagne.

If you accumulate enough points, you might even get free meals and drinks. Based on when you travel, you might get complimentary meals with your reservation.

You might get free breakfast at your resort or a bottle of wine when you check-in!

4. You’ll Get Ticket Discounts and Deals

While this doesn’t always happen, you’ll occasionally get discounts on park tickets as a DVC member.

During the holiday season, you can expect these discounts. These can include Halloween and Christmas holidays. During the off-season, you might also find great ticket discounts.

Tickets are mainly for entrance into parks. There are also tickets for going to specific shows and rides.

If you enjoy swimming, you can get tickets for pools at most parks and resorts.

5. You Won’t Pay for Laundry Services

The longer you stay at a Disney resort, the longer you’ll rack up expenses that can cut into your fun.

One of the major financial inconveniences is having to pay for laundry services.

As a DVC member, you won’t have to pay for laundry services at your resort. You can pack fewer clothes and you can get them washed, dried, and ironed every day at no additional charge!

6. Enjoy the Best Rooms

As a DVC member, you’ll get to enjoy the best rooms at your favorite resorts.

At times, the discounts will be so generous that you can upgrade to a double room or a suite.

You can also upgrade from a standard resort to a luxury suite. You can also use your membership to book your resort in advance.

As you progress as a DVC member, you can opt for a timeshare option. This means that you can get exclusive access to your favorite room for several months each year.

The great thing about DVC membership is that they work at all Disney resorts. As such, you can spend 1 trip staying at 3 different resorts if you choose.

You can also distribute your points within your family. So you and your spouse can stay at one resort, while your children can stay at another.

Disney resorts are one of the main reasons why adults enjoy Disney vacations.

If you get tired of parks, you can enjoy swimming pools, game rooms, in-room entertainment, etc. at your resort. From the resort, you can also get a ridesharing service directly to your favorite parks.

The discounts and deals with your resorts are enough to make your trip worthwhile.

Those Are the Disney Vacation Club Perks

Now that you know the Disney Vacation Club perks, you should sign up today!

We also recommend that you start buying points right away. This way, you’ll enjoy the perks on your first trip.

Make sure you also plan your trip beforehand. You should decide the excursions you want to enjoy.

Also, consider the resorts to stay in and the parks to visit. Then you can see how the perks can help you enjoy these at a lower price!

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