9 Health Benefits Of Snowboarding

When the snow hits the mountains, its natural instinct to want to hibernate indoors and curl up next to a roaring fire with a cup of hot chocolate. But why not venture out into the frosty sunshine and get your heart rate up instead? Snowboarding is an amazing way to get fit and healthy, and to keep the calories burning throughout the winter months. Snowboarding is fun, exciting and has many pros and benefits to keep in mind.

So, if you are looking for a way to bring some excitement into those boring chilly winter days, then check out these 9 health benefits of snowboarding:

Increased Flexibility: Snowboarding is a great way to stretch and strengthen your muscles. The motion and movement needed to successfully snowboard helps your muscles, joints and ligaments become much more flexible. Snowboarding also helps with your balance as you need strong balance in order to stay up on the board.

Cardio Exercise: Snowboarding is considered to be an aerobic form of exercise. It definitely gets your blood pumping and heart rate, it is considered a fantastic cardio workout. The average person can burn up to 450 calories per hour whilst snowboarding.

Muscle Strengthening: Snowboarding works all the major muscle groups in your body, the small ones in your feet and ankles included. Even though snowboarding takes immense strength from your legs, stomach, feet and ankles, don’t underestimate the strength needed in your arms and shoulders too. They help you keep your balance and need to be strong to help cushion your landing if you fall.

Makes You Happy: Any form of exercise will release endorphins, the neuro-chemicals responsible for feelings of happiness and well-being. But snowboarding is special because you are outdoors, surrounded by immense snowy beauty and the adrenaline rush of the sport.

Develop Relationships: Snowboarding is a fabulously social sport. It helps you meet other people who are just as passionate about the mountain fun as you are. Bonding with others who share your passion is one of the best feelings in the world.

Core Exercise: Snowboarding works almost every muscle in the body, but especially your core. You need core strength to bring balance on the board and keep you upright.

Balance & Coordination: Snowboarding requires you to have an extraordinary amount of balance and awareness. It helps strengthen your concentration and attention to detail.

Self Confidence: Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone and facing your fears is a great way to build confidence and self-esteem. Snowboarding is a great way to challenge yourself and therefore increase your confidence.

Eases Stress & Anxiety: Being with friends, exercising, having fun, doing some cardio, being in nature and generally doing something you enjoy are all brilliant ways to manage your stress and anxiety. And when you’re done, you can relax and play online blackjack real money games, safe in the knowledge that you gave your body and mind the best workout.

Snowboarding is not one of the most conventional sports, but it has so many benefits for those who crave a little adventure and connection to the outdoors.