A Natural Hangover Cure for Festive Parties

While it’s tempting to make a beeline for the medicine cabinet when you wake up with a horrendous hangover from the night before, we’re here to inform you that there are some super simple steps you can follow that will serve as a natural hangover cure this festive party season. Are you feeling lousy with a pounding headache? If so, it’s time to delve into your aromatherapy kit to help you feel like the best version of yourself once again. 

Headache Buster 

There’s no escaping the pounding headache that is typically the worst thing about a hangover. But to bust your headache, you can turn to our lavender and peppermint essential oils, which can be inhaled to reduce the severity, symptoms, and even duration of the dreaded hangover headache. If you combine five drops of lavender and two drops of peppermint in a diffuser, we guarantee that you will feel much brighter and be ready to attack the day in front of you. However, if you’re short of the time required to diffuse the oils, you can opt for our Clear Pulse Point Roller Ball, which you can slip into your pocket and sooth your headache as you make your way to the office.

Quell Nausea 

If you enjoyed one too many cocktails with your boss last night, then you’re probably feeling nauseous for more than one reason! The good news is that you can take things slow with your recovery by indulging in some simple self-care with our stomach-soothing massage blend. The perfect combination is to mix two drops of grapefruit with two drops of Cypress, followed by a single drop of Cypress oil. You can then add approximately 10mls of Jojoba Oil to the mix, and you’re all set! Once mixed, massage the oils in a circular motion into your abdomen, and work things slowly as you try and recover from your nausea. In a relatively short space of time, the toxins will be gently removed from your body, and you can proceed with your day without having to worry about throwing up in public. 

A Kick Start 

Being hungover, you will almost certainly feel sluggish and unable to perform at the peak of your abilities. But don’t fear! You can energise and refresh yourself by opting for a supercharged blend of grapefruit, lime, and orange that are the core ingredients of our 100% natural Energy Boost Collection. We’re certain that we have all the tools you need to get you through your hangover, whether it’s the aforementioned Roller Ball or our MoodFix Mist, Diffuser Oil, or our Body & Massage Oil. We find that combining all of these handy hangover tools will help you brush off your symptoms and leave you feeling rejuvenated and ready to pursue your day without being inhibited by the demons of the night before! What’s not to love about that? 

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