Board Portal Software’s 4 Must-Have Features

Every day, it seems like the newspapers are filled with stories about the latest technological marvels to hit the market, but headlines also warn about the latest companies or political parties to fall victim to hackers. Businesses, non-profits, health organizations, and any other institution looking to promote good governance and transparency need access to the best communication tools on the market, but never at the expense of security.

Organizations across North America have turned to board portal software as a comprehensive, secure, and affordable IT solution. But not all platforms are of the same quality. Here are four things you should look for from your board portal.

  1. Better Prep Before Board Meetings

Industry leaders in board portal software allow you to prep for meetings in minutes, rather than days. When you get board software you can rely on your admins will be able to easily upload and aggregate board packages, swap in new documents, edit existing documents, and alert board directors to any new changes.

With the click of a button, board portal software lets you have full control over access permissions for committees and sub-committees so you can easily determine who can and cannot access certain documents.

  1. Keep Organized Easier

The best board portals out there make it easy to integrate with digital calendars you likely already use, like Google Calendar, iCloud Calendar, and Microsoft’s Outlook Calendar. This way, scheduling board meetings couldn’t be simpler.

The best board portals will also have their own calendar app, which clearly presents all the details you need to know for the next meeting. In-app alerts make sure you never miss an update about upcoming meetings.

  1. Secure Repository for All Documents

When you use board portal software, all the materials required for getting prepared for any board meeting are kept securely in one centralized location. This means that agendas, attendance reports, upcoming board materials, and minutes from past meetings are always within reach.

Because it’s cloud-based, directors will always have access to the board portal no matter where they are in the world. Directors who belong to more than one board can get all the materials they need from their different boards with just a single username and password.

All the best board portal software is highly encrypted, and adheres to independent third-party security certification requirements.

  1. Powerful Tools for Remote Collaboration

Now, directors in different countries can collaborate with board portal software. Directors can receive private and confidential inputs from other directors on important issues. They can also annotate and flag passages from board documents, which they can either share with other directors or keep for their own personal use.

There are also tools in board portal software that lets directors call for voting and signatures on demand, and the results can even be tabulated in real time. This way, everyone is on the same page when the board meeting begins.

There is no shortage of modern tools promising to transform your business, but be sure to clearly define what you need from the software and be sure to select a product that delivers, just as the best board management software has done for years.