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Brian Ferdinand: Why Corporate Housing Feels Like Home

You lie in bed, excited about the short-term business trip you’ll embark on in the morning. However, although you feel cozy against your favorite pillows, sheets, and mattress, you can’t help but to wonder if you’ll lack this feeling of comfort for the next 40 nights while you’re out of town. According to travel expert Brian Ferdinand in a recently published article, it doesn’t have to be that way—not if you book a corporate housing unit as your home away from home.

What You Should Know About Corporate Housing

According to the insightful article, which offers a comprehensive glimpse at corporate housing, this type of accommodation is designed to help business travelers to feel at home even when they are hundreds of miles away from their homes.

For instance, according to Brian Ferdinand, who is the managing partner of CorpHousing Group, all of his housing units feature kitchens that contain residential refrigerators, rather than the tiny refrigerators found in hotel rooms. As a result, his corporate housing unit guests can easily take home, store, and reheat their restaurant leftovers as needed. They don’t have to worry about tossing their food, such as their favorite margherita pizza, simply because a tiny hotel refrigerator filled with overpriced beverages lacks room for their food.

Additional Corporate Housing Considerations

For the past several years, business travelers are the ones who have mainly used corporate housing, and they continue to make up a large number of corporate housing unit guests. For example, you may find this type of accommodation handy if you plan to spend a few weeks training a client in person in another city. Likewise, you may be required to stay in another location to get a brand-new project up and running in one of your company’s field offices.

However, this type of housing has since skyrocketed in popularity among a large number of individuals seeking medium-term housing. Therefore, you can easily find people who are traveling for pleasure taking advantage of this type of accommodation for long-term vacations today.

All in all, whether you are traveling for work or completing a personal trip, corporate housing won’t just meet your needs—you can expect it to exceed those needs. In your unit, you can find all of the amenities you need to make the most of your daily life in your new city, and then some. And as a result, you can truly enjoy a smooth travel experience time and time again.