Christmas Party

All parties need decorations… Decorations are essential, this changes the environment where your party is going to be, and let’s be honest, it puts everyone in the mood and into the holiday spirit! 

Christmas parties can happen anywhere, where you can do anything you want. It can be one of the greatest celebrations of the year! Make it original and unforgettable with your Christmas themed ideas. Get ready to bash out some Christmas party ideas in this article… Let’s make it merrier!

Bonfire Christmas Party 

How about an outdoor Bonfire Christmas party with your friends? With hot chocolate, grilled marshmallows, brownies, popcorn, and some music? You can decorate your garden with Christmas lights, garlands, and ornaments, call your friends or close ones and call it a Party! Do you know what would make it more fun? If you can add a projector and put on a classic Christmas movie for all to enjoy. Ready to start stacking the wood?

A Christmas Brunch Party

A Christmas Brunch party is not a bad idea! On Christmas morning, invite your friends or close ones over for a brunch. With hot chocolate, little sandwiches, pancakes, chocolates, cookies, and little snacks, well… it’s never too early for some wine as well…!  Plus, your guests can bring some snacks or cake as well! For the decorations, you can then decorate your table where all the food will be with garlands or place the table near the Christmas tree. 

Hot Chocolate Party

It is always a yes for a hot chocolate party in the house! Especially with the cold outside… Invite your friends over and use toppings such as whipped cream, cinnamon sticks, chocolate chips, marshmallows. These toppings simply make your hot drinks stand out… gossiping or watching a movie while drinking a hot chocolate is simply the best way to celebrate Christmas ever!

Christmas Pyjama Party

How about a Christmas pyjama party? At this party, you get to decide what to wear and who you want to invite… If it’s with your friends, well a Santa onesie would be so the showstopper of the party! Encourage your friends to wear their favourite pyjamas yet set a rule that your friends need to wear Santa’s hat! This only adds a sense of occasion and lots of excitement! 

Office Christmas Party

Decorate your desk or the office with Christmas decorations and bake some nice cookies to give your colleagues. Everyone needs to wear their Christmas hats or jumpers that day. On that day, you could dress up as Santa… This would be a nice gesture and would defiantly change the atmosphere! Just hope it will not end up like the office Christmas party’s we see in the movies…

Christmas Game Night Party

How about you invite your friends over and line up some classic games… Add a twist or fun to prank for your friends that night, the choice is yours… Speaking of games, did you know that you can experience the holiday vibe throughout the year with some Christmas themed slots at LuckyVIP? Well, here’s your chance to find out for yourself!