What to Consider When Choosing a College 

When the time comes to help your child choose which college they will go to, you must spend a great amount of time considering all options before making a decision. This is a decision which will have a monumental impact on your child’s life and so it isn’t something which should be take light heartedly. Last year I went through this process and I was very lucky to have the advice of a close family friend Kevin Rolle Alabama University Vice President, who really helped us with this decision.

The first year seems to have gone pretty well for my son, and I wanted to share with you the things that we considered before making the decision as to which college he would go to.


The first step is to realistic about the abilities of your child and what they can possibly achieve in their college life. This is not to say that you should discourage the dreams of your child, but if they have a low grade average and they want to go to an Ivy League university, it is fair to say that this isn’t possible. This decision-making process is about gradually whittling down the list of choices and with a realistic view you can get that process started by removing college choices which don’t make sense.


My child was more than happy to head off anywhere in the country to study but that is not the same for everyone. In fact many of my son’s friends were looking for colleges that were with two or three hours from their family home, so that they can check back in every now and again. Speak with your child about how far they would like to go in order to study.


If your child already knows what they want to do, this can greatly help you to select colleges as you will be looking for a college with a reputation of teaching that subject. Whilst all colleges do cover a huge range of subjects, there are some which have certain specializations and this is where you should be looking if your child already knows where their future lies.

Job Prospects

Some industries favor students from certain colleges around the country and if it your child’s dream to work in a particular field such as finance, law or medicine, there are some colleges which they can choose that will give them a far better chance of landing a job after college. With a little bit of research, you can find which colleges have ties to which industries and this can further help you with your decision.

Student Life

Whilst your child is going to college to learn, they are also going to experience some incredible years of independence and fun. With this in mind I feel that it is important that you also find out more about what student life is like in your chosen universities, to ensure that your child will have the experience which they deserve.